Part 1: Punish Mothers • ‘Dispose of’ Babies

How timely this is in my life now. I’ve been recently contacted by a long ago boy friend whose mother had a child before she was married. She hid her secret and now she is gone. And her three adult children from her marriage are now in search of their older sister that came looking for her mother a few years ago but shame made her turn away from her first born child. How very tragic. This thing called illegitimacy. Targeting girls and their babies. When all is needed is love. The roots of this hate go back longer than the 100 years in the following blog post. It is history’s hatred of the bastard. Hell, it is even in the bible.

Maternal Banishment • Devious Collaboration • Infanticide!

Just when we begin to recover from the shock of learning about the hundreds of babies buried in a secret grave on the grounds of a convent in Ireland, we learn that many nations have similar ghoulish secrets. One secret grave – in a major city here in the United States – was found to contain the remains of five thousand infants. A link to the source of this exposé will be provided further on, together with a gateway to an even more horrendous litany of murders of illegitimate infants both in the U.S. and in other countries. So strap on your seat belts and prepare for a really rough ride!


You’ll be able to read for yourself Dr. George Walker’s report, as sources will be provided further on for either downloading it in various formats or reading online. In the meantime, here’s an introduction:


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