Betsy Norris, Adam Pertman, Jodi Hodges, and Carol Sanger Interviewed by NPR Radio on Ohio’s New Adoptees’ Birth Certificate Access Law

Congrats are in order to Betsy Norris of Adoption Network Cleveland for her role in advocating for Ohio’s Adoptee Birth Certificate Access Law, which was signed into law last week. NPR radio had a 17 minute special report on air in the morning of Christmas Eve. You can listen to the Interview here, as well as read the article. “Guest host Celeste Headlee takes on the topic with law professor Carol Sanger, birth mother Jodi Hodges, and advocates Adam Pertman and Betsie Norris.” This interview is a good one to listen to to hear the most current debate on adoptees’ access bills/laws. I came across this interview  by accident. I was driving along on Christmas  Eve while listening to NPR when two people I’ve known for many years were interviewed: Betsy Norris and Adam Pertman. What a thrill to hear my friends and colleagues on National Public Radio! Great job on the interview. Great job on the victory for Adoptees’ Rights.

Backing Up Mannix Flynn on the Meaning of the Movie “Philomena”

After seeing this movie — Philomena — I now know what the writer of this blog post means. He is dead on: script writing and movie making need to be followed up with social and political action. The writer and star of the movie needs to take this further into real action to put an end to this torture of mother and child, and the millions of women and infants and children torn apart by adoption. When will we stop seeing this as fodder for films, but additionally as an introduction to real social and political change? Get involved! This tragedy did not only happen in Ireland, but all over the world and in domestic America: the Catholic Church stealing babies from girls and women because of the notion of being “fallen women” — punishment for being pregnant outside of marriage. This is barbaric treatment of women and their babies.