Adoptees’ Birth Certificates


Support Unconditional Access on Demand for Adoptees’ True Birth Certificates


Make False Birth Certificates Illegal


1 Birth Certificate + 1 Adoption Certificate =

Adoption Truth

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We HAD unsealed birth certificates BEFORE 1930!

Amended – falsified – birth certificates of adoptees became the norm AFTER 1930

in every State in America.

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  1. Restore to all Adoptees their unconditional civil rights to access their true, not-falsified, not-amended, certified birth certificate, retroactively and proactively. This needs to be a Federal Law that overrides individual state laws.
  2. Demand that all previously Amended and Falsified Birth Certificates that were issued to adoptees be legally declared null and void. Make False Birth Certificates Illegal on a National Level.
  3. Replace existing Falsified Birth Certificates with True Adoption Certificates that correctly indicate adoption facts certified by the government.
  4. All Parents of Adoption-Loss should have civil rights to own a certified copy of the birth certificate of the child they conceive and birthed.
  5. The present method of recording births and adoptions needs to change. If we do not stop the System from producing more and more Falsified Birth Certificates, all the State-by-State efforts to gain access to our birth certificates will be futile. The cycle of abuse will not be broken.
  6. 1 Birth Certificate + 1 Adoption Certificate = Adoption Truth 
  7.  If you had nothing to do with the conception, gestation and birth of your child, then your name does not belong on a Birth Certificate. If your name is on a Falsified Birth Certificate claiming that you are either the mother by conception and birth, or implying that you are the conceptual father because you are married to the mother, and the both of you are actually Adoptive Parents, then you are as guilty of fraud as the Government is guilty.
  8. Parents of donor offspring are lying on state-certified birth certificates. If you had nothing to do with the conception, gestation, and birth of your child, your name does not belong on a birth certificate. Sperm, egg, and embryo donors must be identified and named on the birth certificate of the child created. All siblings produced must be identified to each other.
  9. Currently, no donated embryo is legally adopted because embryos are not adoptable.
  10. National and International laws need to regulate the Infertility Industry and secure conception and birth truths to people created by artificial means.
  11. Open Adoption is not an option because any form of adoption obliterates the child’s true identity and family of birth. The child is given a new identity. Open Adoption is a social arrangement, not a legal one; therefore, Open Adoption cannot be enforced to give natural parents and their adopted-out child ongoing visitation rights. Adoptive parents hold all legal control and can terminate verbal visitation agreements.
  12. Family Preservation, Kinship Care, and Legal Guardianship must be alternatives to adoption.

— Inspired by my mentors since 1986: Prof. Dr. Rene Hoksbergen of University of Utrecht, The Netherlands; and all adoption reformers who have touched my life since 1974, including Mirah Riben of Family Preservation blogspot.

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Adoptees not only are discriminated against by outdated and moralistic laws that treat us as if we are criminals by not allowing us to have free access to our own birth certificates, but we are also victims of government imposed fraud that gives us new amended birth certificates. Our ‘original’ birth certificates are sealed upon the finalization of our adoptions and false (but legal) birth certificates are issued, giving the impression we were biologically conceived and born to the parents named on this certified-as-true birth certificate. An adoptee’s new birth certificate is government approved misrepresentation of material facts: fraud. The government officials who affix their names on new birth certificates for adoptees are committing perjury – lying under oath.

All Adoptees — illegitimate bastards, half or full orphans, adopted by step-parents, stolen and sold on the black market, taken away from our parents for any reason and then adopted, or conceived via donated eggs or sperm or embryos — deserve the truth of our conceptions, births and adoptions.

Parents of Adoption Loss – Natural Parents – deserve the right to obtain the birth certificate for the person they created and gave birth to.

Adoptive Parents should be named on adoption certificates that state the facts of adoption. They are parents by adoption, not birth. Their names do not belong on an official document that pretends to be a birth certificate.

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by Joan M Wheeler, BA, BSW


I am a Social Worker for CHANGE in adoption laws. It is immoral and should be illegal for state governments and the federal government to change birth certificates for all adopted people.

Stop lying on birth certificates! This is fraud. It is also perjury – the surrogate court judges and the Registrars of Vital Statistics who create these false statements of true facts on falsified birth certificates for adoptees are guilty of lying on government documents.

These false birth certificates began as an idea in 1929 by one man, and then implemented into Model Law in 1930 by two Registrars of Vital Statistics to “protect” adoptees from being embarrassed by their illegitimate births. States then began voting to seal and change birth certificates for all adoptees. (See E. Wayne Carp’s book Family Matters: Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of Adoption, 1998, pages 53 and 54; Elizabeth J. Samuels’ book The Idea of Adoption: An Inquiry into the History of Adult Adoptee Access to Birth Records, Rutgers Law Review, 2001; Janine Baer’s book Growing in the Dark: Adoption Secrecy and Its Consequences, 2004; and for a focus on a specific “baby broker”, read Barbara Bisantz Raymond’s book The Baby Thief: The Untold Story of Georgia Tann, The Baby Seller Who Corrupted Adoption, 2007).

This state “protection” was imposed morality. Considering that many parents today live together and produce children, and many single women raise their children by choice, it is absurd that sealing and altering birth certificates are mandatory standard practice when a child is adopted.

Many adoptees are not of illegitimate birth at all. Many were adopted by their step-parents, many are half or full orphans, many were born to married parents and then relinquished into adoption, yet, all adoptees are “protected” from the stigma of illegitimate births because their birth certificates are sealed from them, then falsified. The new birth certificate proves they are legitimately born to parents who are actually adoptive parents.

Adoptees need and deserve equal treatment in the eyes of the law. So do our two sets of parents.

The one true birth certificate I have is the one that is sealed. My legal birth certificate states that I was born to parents who actually adopted me. It implies that I am their biological child.

I demand that New York State Department of Vital Statistics reinstates my deceased mother AS my mother BY BIRTH and my natural father AS my father BY CONCEPTION on my originally unsealed birth certificate issued within five days after my birth. I demand access to this document immediately. I demand equality with other Americans—access on demand, without question, without prejudice, without discrimination.

I demand that New York State officially revoke my falsified birth certificate. In its place, I demand that New York State Vital Statistics Department issue a certified Adoption Certificate that states the truth of my adoption: naming my mother who raised me AS my mother BY ADOPTION, and, naming my father who raised me AS my father BY ADOPTION.

Both of these documents would then accurately state the facts of my birth and the facts of my adoption.

Truth in Adoption should be made a national law—not states’ laws to be voted upon with conditional attachments, such as parental permission to obtain your own birth certificate. Just as slavery was abolished and women gained equality of voting with men — both on a Federal Level — all adoptees should have equal access to unaltered birth certificates and accurate adoption records, retroactively and proactively. All adoptees’ birth certificates and adoption records should be available UPON REQUEST to the parties named on each document. Non-adoptees and their parents have this right. Adoptees are banned in most states from freely obtaining a certified copy of their birth certificates, and their natural parents are also banned from obtaining the birth certificate of a child they conceived and birthed. This is discrimination.

Because adoptees and their natural parents are routinely ignored, we have had to resort to state-by-state legislative lobbying to obtain a civil right that non-adopted people and non-mothers-of-adoption-loss already have—the freedom to obtain a government certificate that recorded the facts of birth.

The right to one, and only one, birth certificate is not a State’s issue. It is a Federal issue. Unfortunately, we have to grovel on the State level. Wake up America!

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1935 Memo to NYS Governor on False Birth Certs

I found these two pages on the BASTARD NATION website:  but that link no longer works.

Thankfully, I saved the memo:

1935-4-18 (1) Holley Memo to Gov Lehman on A2458 - birth certs for illegitimates


1935-4-18 (2) Holley Memo to Gov Lehman on A2458 - birth certs for illegitimates


Since the law was written to hide the illegitimate status of bastards, why was my birth certificate sealed and falsified by New York State? I am a half-orphan, not an illegitimate bastard. The law implemented in NY State to hide bastards does not apply to me, yet I am bound by it. No person deserves government takeover of their birth certificate for any social label. Facts are facts. Each person has one father and one mother who gave them life. Those are the facts of birth and cannot be changed. Facts of adoption should not be confused with facts of birth. All adoptees deserve unconditional access to their true birth certificates. In our modern era, all adoptees deserve true adoption certificates in place of falsified birth certificates.   Joan M Wheeler, born as, Doris M Sippel

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Re: fake birth certificates


Submitted on 2009/10/08 at 9:11am

Since the rise and rise of the single mother, there is no stigma in being illegtimate – there is nothing to hide and so no stigma to be hushed up.

It’s ironic that the social movement of the single mother has eradicted the need for a father while illegitimacy is apparently still deemed to be a bad thing (it’s really irrelevant).

It would be great if the well-meaning people who make these laws could see that the two ideas about families contradict each other.

There is a chance of inadvertant incest (two adoptees meet and fall in love and have a baby) but no chance of getting medical records, and according to the medical profession (fertility medic$ excepted) the two natural parents and sometimes the extended family need to be on hand to check-up/cure illnesses.

We saw it summed up by a US donor-conceived adult like this birth certificates are just pieces of paper.

From us, a UK collective of adoptees.

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the need for a father?

Submitted on 2009/07/26 at 6:20pm

Those fake birth certificates for the donor-conceived are setting up incest.

There are even IVF specific birth defects (the fertility industry can’t sort out multiple births which to underweight babies) and I find the idea of buying nine months gestation with the aim of having a child by any old stranger is hard to understand anyway.

But whatever the intention of the adults involved, you are right, the incest problem coming from fake birth certificates, makes IVF a loveless endeavour – I mean what happens when these youngsters fall in love?happens when these youngsters fall in love?

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submitted on 2009/04/23 at 6:03pm

I can’t agree more, my original birth vertificate should be my birth certificate and then I should have been given a certified adoption certificate listing my adoptive parents as the guardians. Think about this, when a woman decides to get married and decides to take her husbands surname or when a married couple gets divorced, and the woman wants to again change her name, or when somebody wants to legally change their name, the original documents are not sealed and hidden forever! And you as the perosn to whom these documents pertain have access to the paper trail left behind. However, adult adoptees do not…


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Harmonygirl Submitted on 2009/04/21 at 5:46pm

I do understand that each state has control over their own birth certificates and access to them, but I think that this could be a federal issue based upon the need for one’s OBC to obtain a passport. Here is another example and it revolves around the best interest of the child as well. Once upon a time each state had their own child support guidelines. This caused real problems because when a non-custodial parent moved, suddenly there were new rules and back to court everyone went, costing unnecessary time and money. The states got together and decided they would all adhere to the same guidelines and rules. They involved the NCSC, a think tank which came up with the proposal after a lot of research. The states came to an agreement. Now we have Federal Child Support Guidelines, which essentially make a judge’s job very easy – you make so much, you give so much to your child. Certainly there needs to be a change for newly adopted children. This falsification of records is not in the best interest of the child in the long run. It is ludicrous that a child is issued a new birth certificate with false information on it simply because they are adopted.

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Krit Submitted on 2009/01/14 at 2:46am

Thanks for all your support, Joan!!!!Go to: type in “adoptee” and vote for my posting on our civil rights being violated. If it gets enough votes it will be in President Obama’s briefing book!!!!!

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Krit Submitted on 2008/12/31 at 10:03pm

Excellent! I hope President Obama makes an executive order to open all sealed birth certificates and outlawing the practice from now on. Here is the link to my petition demanding the US government to immediately enact the “Children’s Welfare Act” order the releasing of our original birth certificates: Adoptees are NOT second-class citizens. I’m tired of my government discriminating against me and denying me my civil rights.

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Triona Submitted on 2008/12/10 at 8:48pm

Great post, Joan. Falsification of birth certificates is a practice that should be eliminated.

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Lisa Kay, Fla Submitted on 2008/12/05 at 7:12pm

I stumbled onto your blog via a link on the 73adoptee blog. Wow! You hit the nail on the head on so many points that I won’t even try to comment on the ones that ring especially true to my own opinions and experiences, or are otherwise noteworthy.I’m laughing as I ponder whether you should be an attorney, a media pundit, or a politician. Regardless, I’m glad that I’m on your side of the argument.Hope you won’t mind if I recommend your blog in a post on Adoption Database’s message board about blogs the members should check out. [If you don’t want me to, please contact me.] A new fan,Lisa Kay

FL Adoptee Searching b. Jan 2x, 1963Gainesville, Florida

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Jack Submitted on 2008/12/05 at 3:28pm

I am the father of a Korean born son. He arrived in the United States when he was three months old. He was born a citizen of South Korea and remained one until he became a naturalized citizen of the United States. At that time he lost his Korean citizenship.As a naturalized citizen of the United States he CANNOT be president of the United States. However, he is responsible for fulfilling all of the obligations of a United States citizen born in the United States. Thus, if there were to be a draft, he would be drafted for military service and possibly die in defense of the United States. Yet, he CANNOT become president. When he applied for college in 2003 he had to fill out the FAFSA form. He did not receive a reply within the stated time. Upon inquiry, he was told that because he was a naturalized citizen the Department of Homeland Security would have to do a background check to see if he was on a terrorist watch list. He told them he arrived in the United States at age three months and questioned how he could be a terrorist at three months of age. He was told age made no difference because he could have been adopted to parents who were terrorists, or terrorist sympathizers, who would use his United States citizenship to as a mechanism to commit terrorists acts. He was then told that investigation would take six months to a year – or more – to complete so he would not receive financial assistance during his freshman and maybe his sophomore years in college.I called my U.S. Senator who told me she had received many calls from parents with children having the same problem. However, she told me she would take care of it. In two weeks my son had his report.Jack

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Grannie Annie Submitted on 2008/12/05 at 4:21am

Thanks for an excellent analysis of the birth certificate and citizenship issues that are in the process of being adjudicated.So much good food for thought, Joan! Anita

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Lisa Submitted on 2008/12/05 at 1:35am

“What happens to a child who is removed from her or his country of birth? Because I’m a domestic adoptee, I don’t know for sure. This is what I think happens: The adoptee looses citizenship of one country in favor of the adopted country, which is where the adopting parents take the child.”Children adopted from Guatemala do not lose their Guatemalan citizenship. I despise that fact that my adopted daughter and other adoptees from other countries cannot be president. It is discrimination.thanks for a grea blog, Lisa S.

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AdoptAuthor Submitted on 2008/12/04 at 11:57pm

Government falsified documents should be illegal for many reasons, not the least of which is that they discriminate against people whose lives have been touched by adoptions: adoptees and their natural families. You are aware, are you not that adoptees have been denied passports and even drivers’ licenses, especially post 9/11.Read: hope you will be at the AAC in Cleveland in April and catch my presentation on Equal Access versus Open Records, the later of which really misses the mark!Thanks for bringing attention to this important and little known issue. Mirah Riben

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Julie Shapiro’s blog post about the gay couple adopting and wanting their names only on their adoptee’s new birth certificate

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“I often call U.S. birth certificates (for adoptees) ‘officially falsified records’ in my classes.” – – – David M. Smolin, an adoptive father and Law & Ethics Professor at Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

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