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Keeping families together is the main goal, rather than convincing parents that adoption is the only solution to a temporary problem or crisis (financial, homelessness, lack of food, single or teen parenthood, rape, or death of one or both parents). These circumstances do not have to lead to permanent separation by relinquishment to adoption. If a child is removed for safety reasons, the child still has parents and has a right to family reunification and to her identity and birth certificate.

Adoption is built upon the destruction of the original family unit, therefore, we must practice adoption prevention. If a child cannot be raised by her parents, kinship care and guardianship should replace the practice of “taking someone else’s child as your own”. Alternatives to adoption—kinship care and legal guardianship—provide loving homes for children while preserving the child’s identity, familial connections, and heritage. Adoption erases the child’s family of birth and identity. This is true even in step-parent and open adoption, which is a social arrangement, not a legal one, in which the adoptive parents have the final authority to end communications with the natural parents if they so choose. There is no court-ordered visitation with the natural parents or siblings. The adoptive parents are the only legal parents of the child, and the adoptee has no rights to the natural parents or siblings (who are children of the natural parents).

Adoption, even open adoption, causes a child’s Certificate of Live Birth to be sealed, and an amended one is then issued, fraudulently naming the parents of adoption as parents of birth. The “new” birth certificate gives the false impression that the re-named child was born to the parents on the document. This is misrepresentation of material facts—fraud perpetrated by the Registrar of Vital Statistics—when he affixes his signature and the State Seal to the “new” Certificate of Live Birth. Creating an adoption certificate to replace this fraudulent birth certificate is part of the solution. Not placing a child in the position of being manipulated by adoption is the only solution for the “best interest of the child”. The conditions of adoption bind the adoptee for life.

The sealed record in America began in 1930 with the idea to hide a child’s illegitimate status by inventing a new birth certificate. When illegitimate children were taken from their mothers, they were “legitimized” in adoption by a married couple. However, step-children, half and full orphans, and children born within a marriage who were taken away and then adopted, were born legitimately, but were still “legitimized” with new parents. Clearly, adoption was, and is, social control of sexual morality; the “unwed” mother was, and is, told she can move on without the proof of her transgressions. We know now that these women never recovered from the loss of their infants, yet we take newborns away from single women every day. Also, adoption has moved from providing parents for parentless children to providing children for childless couples. Adoption is a multi-billion dollar global industry providing the wealthy with the children of the poor.


A Comparison from

(as quoted by Americans for Open Records)

* ADOPTION: Parent’s rights are voluntarily relinquished or involuntarily terminated.
* GUARDIANSHIP: Parent/s’ rights may or may not be voluntarily relinquished or involuntarily terminated [may depend on whether the court declares parent/s “unfit” etc.]

* ADOPTION: Adopters given all rights and responsibilities that once belonged to Parents.
* GUARDIANSHIP: Guardian is given legal responsibility for the child and assumes rights of care, custody and supervision of the child.

* ADOPTION: When Adopters are married, BOTH spouses must adopt unless separated for more than a year.
* GUARDIANSHIP: When married EITHER ONE or BOTH spouses may be named Guardian.

* ADOPTION: Adoption is a permanent, lifelong, legal relationship which creates a “legal fiction” of the Adoptee with falsified birth certificate [restricts the Adoptee for life].
* GUARDIANSHIP: The child retains all rights for life. The Parent/s retain “residual rights” when parental rights have not yet been relinquished or terminated. These rights presently include: visitation, consent to adoption, choice of religion and the right to claim the body of a deceased child. The Court makes all decisions regarding the transfer of Guardianship, but the Parent/s can request that Guardianship be taken away from the Caregiver if parental rights have not been terminated. If the parent/s’ parental rights are terminated, the Guardian may    legally adopt the child with Dept of Child and Family’s help [not favored because Guardianship better serves the Child than Adoption with individualized conditions of custody over time, including accountability, open records–all the things that Adoption activists claim they want Adoption to be].

* ADOPTION: All decisions are made by the Adopters. In most states, “Open Adoption” agreements between Parents and Adopters are separate from Adoption consents and agreement and are not enforceable by law [statute being tested in CA].
* GUARDIANSHIP: Major decisions regarding school, medical treatment and consent for other major life decisions are made by the Guardian. Parent/s retain rights such as choice of religion, visitation, consent to adoption, when personal rights have not been relinquished or terminated.



As Molly Brown of PACER (Post Adoption Center for Education and Research) pointed out in the 1980s, sperm donation is “pre-meditated abandonment”. Even with known gamete donors, creating a child in this way places an unnecessary burden upon a child. Donor-Conceived adults are organizing and voicing their objections to how they were conceived. They are standing up for their rights, too.

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“We also believe that one should end the Adoption Industry” – – – UAI – United Adoptees International, The Netherlands.

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Haiti Series: “It is Madness, It is Insane…” Bribes, Bullies and Traffickers Extract Kids, parts 1-3 Many Blog Posts on Haitian children

Books on sale:

The Stork Market:
America’s Multi-Billion Unregulated Adoption Industry
by Mirah Riben
Challenges myths and exposes corruption: black and gray market adoption; scams, coercion exploitation, and international child trafficking, based on supply, demand and profiteering


shedding light on
The Dark Side of Adoption
by M. Riben

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Several blog posts relate to this topic:

and which includes the following letter announcing a California Bill allowing for Native American children to have a permanent home to take care of them without terminating parental rights and without seizing and sealing their birth certificates and falsifying new ones for these adoptees:

2010-01-01 California Tribal Customary Adoption Harmonizes State Law and Tribal Custom

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  2. That is a good question, Mei Ling. Admittedly, intercountry adoptions are beyond my scope of personal experience. I’m learning from reading the feelings of intercountry adoptees. There is much more confusion, sense of loss of country and culture and language or self and family for an adoptee taken from their native country into another. Unless we “simply” accept that the adoptee in this situation will suffer these losses and there is nothing that can be done about it. This does not seem a viable solution to me. Something else needs to be done.

    The United Nations Rights of the Child, an international treaty, deems that every child has the right to a name, nationality, family. But where adoption is concerned, that treaty falls apart. No connections are made between that and the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption which requires a “new” birth certificate made in the child’s new adoptive name and the adoptive parents’ names replace the names of the actual parents of birth. This fraudulent name-swapping alerts material and provable facts.

    If a child’s extended family cannot be found and the government of the homeland does not support kinship care or guardainship, then perhaps adoption out of the country is the only solution. The child suffers loss of self. And, adopting a foreign-born child into the USA does not give that child all the civil rights of a natural-born citizen. While improving that child’s standard of living for the price of birth identity, that child gains USA citizenship minus the right that every natural-born American citizen has: to become President. So, we must take a look at what it truly means to be adopted and become a Naturalized American citizen, in addition to re-examining international adoption itself, and, working to improve citizen rights in the homeland. These are just my quesses…

    Thanks for stopping by, Mei Ling.

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