NYS Governor Cuomo Vetoed Discriminatory Adoptees’ Bill!

Here is the Change.org Petition update from Tim Monti-Wohlpart (Brooklyn, NY):

BREAKING! NY Governor Cuomo Hears Us and VETOES Adoptee Discrimination Bill!

The Petition update begins:
Dec 30, 2017 — Friends of “CLEAN” adoption reform,

On this cold night in New York, adoptee rights are just getting warmed up! The regressive, expensive and unacceptable bill, A5036-B / S4845-B, has been vetoed by Governor Cuomo! Your urgent calls and letters to him have been heard! Now, Governor Cuomo says he supports “greater access to birth records” and he has called for a workgroup to help chart a path forward!

We send a huge thanks to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on this historic night! We also thank his senior staff for meeting with us in July and accepting our petition and supporting materials!

The Petition Update continues here….
3,587 people have signed the Petition. Keep it going! Victory to free New York State Adopted Citizens will soon be here! But we have plenty of work to do.
To see a copy of Gov Cuomo’s Letter of Veto, click here.

What’s so hard about that?

I just spoke with an agent at New York State Governor Cuomo’s office. She took my opposition to A5036B. She said that the Governor has been receiving many phone calls and letters asking him to veto A5036B.

Then, I said that I sent in at least one letter with photo copies of my sealed birth certificate and my adopted birth certificate, and my hospital birth certificate and my two baptismal certificates. I told her that whether or not Governor Cuomo vetoes or passes A5036, or promotes supposedly clean bills S5169 and A06821 (which do not have provisions for parental permissions), either way, the real problem is still not being addressed.

I could tell that this woman was not really familiar with what happens to adoptees’ birth certificates upon adoption. I could hear her gasp when I told her that I have been staring at my real birth certificate since 1974. The one that was issued upon my birth. I told her that New York State annulled that birth certificate and replaced it with a false-fact birth certificate when I was 15 months old.

I heard her gasp at that point. The light bulb went off in her mind. She understood!

I said that no piece of legislation will totally restore adoptees’ civil rights to our true birth certificates until we repeal the 1935 law that annuls and re-writes our birth certificates.

Then I asked her, “How is this even legal?”

I heard her let out an exasperated sigh.

I said, “It should not be legal to annul anyone’s birth certificate and replace it with a false-fact birth certificate issued upon adoption. All other bills address mere ACCESS to the sealed record, but do not stop the problem at its source.”

At this point, the woman said she found notation of my written letter. She said she’d write my points in a note to Governor Cuomo for me.

I thanked her.

All I want is my civil rights restored to obtain, without conditions, and use as official identification, my still-sealed birth certificate THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ANNULLED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

What’s so hard about that?


All Eyes on New York as Regressive Bill in Motion! Write Governor Cuomo Today!

Petition by Tim Monti-Wohlpart, Brooklyn, New York.

This petition has 3,447 online signatures. Let’s bring the count up to 5,000.

This is about adoptees’ civil rights. We are urging Governor Cuomo to veto A5036-B / S4845-B and to support the true, multi-partisan and “CLEAN” New York Bill of Adoptee Rights (S5169-A / A6821-A).

For details, see the Petition Site here.

A Feminist No Longer

And here is the point I am desperately trying to get across to the rich, white women I know who think they are feminists:

“Intersectionalists want adoption and surrogacy available for their sociopathic convenience; they want someone else to endure the pains of pregnancy and childbirth while they focus on their careers. And this, folks, is evil. A choice is not a choice when it is the only option, and when coercion is the driving impetus. Adoption is not a reproductive right; no infertile/wealthy woman or LGBT has a right to the uterus, vagina, and baby of a girl or woman. This is exactly what present-day feminists ignore: YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL A GIRL OR WOMAN WHAT TO DO JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A VAGINA. YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO ANOTHER WOMAN’S CHILD.”


Thank you, for your post.

#MeToo: Hijacked by Rabid Feminists… Anyone Surprised?

Yes, Amber LaShea Geislinger, you are very beautiful. Unfortunately, your natural beauty is a threat to some women.

My 31 year old daughter and I had a discussion about the #MeToo Movement yesterday. Both of us noticed that some women are over-reacting, or covering up (as in your post here) the legitimate complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault made by other women.

This #MeToo movement, and the take-down of prominent men has another unfortunate side to it. That is, our friendships are at stake. What do I mean by that? Men are afraid of women now.

Two situations occurred to me over the weekend. One, a long-time male friend of mine confided in me that this has gotten out of hand, that he feels any little gesture could be misunderstood. Here is a man who always has a bright smile on his face, never has anything bad to say about anyone, and is as sweet as pie. I could never see him harming any woman, yet, he is even afraid to ask a lady to dance with him.

The other situation was a case of mistaken identity by a professional musician. After the show, fans gathered around, talking with each other and the band. Someone came up from behind me, put his arm lightly around me, but when he saw I was not the woman he thought I was, he backed away and repeatedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I thought you were someone else.” I hope that he felt better to see my smile and to hear me reassure him that I took no offense.

What are we becoming? It is good that sexual harassment and sexual assault are finally being recognized and taken seriously, with consequences for the perpetrator, well, for the most part.

But the back-lash from other women, as Amber LaShea Geislinger points out, and the uneasy atmosphere between men and women who are genuinely simply socializing, is putting a strain on us all.

Hope is Not a Mercy in Adoption

Here are the words of a mother-of-adoption-loss. Her grief compounds with each passing day, and year.

It is important for the general public to realize that there is a MOTHER who grieves silently behind the scenes when you see a “happy” adopted child, a child who is so very “well-adjusted” that surely there can’t be anything wrong with adoption!

If adoption is so wonderful, then why is society creating misery by separating mothers and their babies?

velvet bocephus

It’s that time of year again that I cannot be held accountable for what I say or do. I keep my contacts with the outside world short and sweet. I refrain from all sad stories and troubles that are out of my control. I put my blinders on and focus on the day to day- get out of bed, eat, breathe, bathe.

This time of year- Thanksgiving through my lost daughter’s birthday in February- leaves me lost at sea in emotional wreckage. Like clockwork, I know its first claims on my generally sanguine disposition; that heavy dull ache in my chest settles in just days before the holiday season begins. My sharply-crafted strength of sarcasm loses all its defenses. That heavy dull ache is here to stay for a third of the year, then a brief respite, back to preparing myself for it the following year. We have become so familiar with one another, that I have even given…

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