NYS Governor Cuomo Vetoed Discriminatory Adoptees’ Bill!

Here is the Change.org Petition update from Tim Monti-Wohlpart (Brooklyn, NY):

BREAKING! NY Governor Cuomo Hears Us and VETOES Adoptee Discrimination Bill!

The Petition update begins:
Dec 30, 2017 — Friends of “CLEAN” adoption reform,

On this cold night in New York, adoptee rights are just getting warmed up! The regressive, expensive and unacceptable bill, A5036-B / S4845-B, has been vetoed by Governor Cuomo! Your urgent calls and letters to him have been heard! Now, Governor Cuomo says he supports “greater access to birth records” and he has called for a workgroup to help chart a path forward!

We send a huge thanks to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on this historic night! We also thank his senior staff for meeting with us in July and accepting our petition and supporting materials!

The Petition Update continues here….
3,587 people have signed the Petition. Keep it going! Victory to free New York State Adopted Citizens will soon be here! But we have plenty of work to do.
To see a copy of Gov Cuomo’s Letter of Veto, click here.