1990 and 1991: The Secret is Out: England and Holland

Social Work Journal Autobiographical Article published:

1990 – London, England.

1991 – Dutch Translation, The Netherlands.

“The Secret is Out” by Joan Wheeler, 1990. Published in Adoption and Fostering, quarterly journal of British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering. London, England.

15a-TheSeceretIsOut, 1990, pg 1

15b-TheSecetIsOut, pg2

15c-TheSecretIsOut, pg 3


15d-TheSecretIsOut, pg 4

The following is is the Dutch translation of “The Secret is Out”, published in a book of compiled articles, Kind van Andere Ouders (Child of Other Parents), edited by Rene Hoksbergen and Has Walenkamp, 1991, The Netherlands.

16a-TheSecretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg1

16b-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg2

16c-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg3

16d-TheSecretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg4

16e-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook 1991pg5

16f-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg6

16g-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg7

16h-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg8

 16i-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg9

 16j-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg10

16k-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg11

 16L-TheSectretIsOut-in DutchBook-1991pg12