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At Stedman’s Bluff, Goat Island, overlooking Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls with Prospect Point at the far end, Niagara Falls, New York, USA. 2018.

Doris Michol Sippel is an American civil rights activist fighting for the freedom of 7 to 10 million domestic-and-foreign-born adopted and donor-conceived people. Doris promotes family preservation, kinship care, and custodial guardianship as better alternatives to adoption. She is an adoption abolitionist, citing the demand for newborn infants and the “save the orphans” religious mission to adopt third world children as just two examples of child trafficking in the profit-driven multi-billion dollar adoption and donor-conception industries.

Doris is a displaced and resettled person by adoption. She is a Late Discovery Adoptee, a half-orphan in her actual family, a legitimate bastard in her adoptive family, and the victim of government mandated identity theft and reassignment. She legally reclaimed her name on June 13, 2016.

Doris began researching and writing about adoption at age 19 in 1975. Her articles have appeared in The Erie Daily Times, The Buffalo News, and social work journals in The United States and England. Her autobiographical journal article was translated into Dutch and published in an anthology book of essays on adoption, Kind Van Ander Ouders (Child of Other Parents). Doris was a contributing writer in government publications: The United States Congressional Record, The United States President’s Council on Bioethics (on the rights of donor-conceived persons), and the Australian Law Reform Commission of New South Wales. Doris has been interviewed on radio and television in The United States, Canada, and England.

Her articles on identity theft through adoption and donor-conception were published on Dissident Voice website, 2015, in her adopted name of Joan Mary Wheeler.


No One Should Place False Facts on Birth Certificates  (October 20th, 2015)


End Identity Theft Caused by Adoption   (August 22nd, 2015)

After her name re-reclamation, Doris Sippel published three more articles on identity theft through adoption and donor-conception.


Arguments Against Punitive and Compromising Adoptee Rights Legislation Using Cited Resources and My Sealed and Falsified Birth Certificates as Examples to Legislators to Write Equitable Legislation   (February 2, 2018; originally published March 24, 2017)


Another Voice: Cuomo must veto flawed adoptee bill    (July 14, 2017)


Global Call to Stop the Propagation of Adoption’s Altered Birth Certificates    (December 18th, 2016)

Doris is the owner of Identity Press, an independent publisher specializing in memoir and biography of adopted and donor-conceived people, 2015.

She received a Bachelor of Arts from Mercyhurst College (now Mercyhurst University) in Erie, Pennsylvania (1978) and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from State University of New York College at Buffalo, graduating Cum Laude (1999).

Doris Michol Sippel resides in Buffalo, New York, USA, ten miles southeast of Niagara Falls.



2014-9-29 Joan at Niagara Falls (C)
At Prospect Point Observation Tower, Niagara Falls, New York, USA. 2014-9-29

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Legitimate by birth – the youngest of five

Bastardized by adoption – because Mom wasn’t alive

Grew up alone – spoiled only child

She must not be told – yet rumors ran wild

Found at age eighteen – by siblings I never knew

Shocked my parents lied – rage was all I could do

Anger turned into action – writing with insight I gave

Both sides attacked me – spoiled child should behave

Our births are sealed – as if a sin

Dirty orphans, scheming bastards – forever children

Fake birth certificates rename – adopted parents pretend

Can one love a lie? When will this mockery end?

Others speak for us – they know what’s best

They’re in control – you know the rest

The records are sealed – you’re not supposed to know

You can’t have more than one – mother and father, no

Reality is quite different – when you live it

Adoptees are unimportant – and irrelevant

Everyone has an opinion – which wins over fact

Always telling us what to do – don’t overreact

The records are sealed and they’ll stay that way

Be good little children and go away

Legitimate by birth – the youngest of five

Bastardized by adoption – because Mom wasn’t alive

Four decades later – I’m still in the fight

My record of birth – still locked up tight

Fifty-two years old – treated as a child

My frustrated bitterness is not mild

At ninty-two, adopted Mom sees the light

All these years – you were right

This is a lie – I did not give birth to you

I missed all of that – this is true

An adoption certificate – indeed would be better

Then to live a lie – and for a lifetime be bitter

by Joan Mary Wheeler (born as) Doris Michol Sippel

copyright June 18, 2008