1976 – 2000: The Buffalo News

Here are my Letters to The Editor (Everybody’s Column) and paid articles (My View) from The Buffalo News, 2000 to 1976.

19-AdopteesHaveARightToBirthRecords 9-1-2000

18-ManyMoreHappyStoriesAreWaitingToBeTold 3-26-1998


17-InAdoptionReports,WrongTerminologyFuelsMisinformation 7-4-1995

1992-5-22 The Tragedy of Closed Adoptions

The article referenced above appears below. I was a terribly un-informed adoptee. This is what I was told about my birth by my adoptive mother: that I was born at 24 weeks gestation. So this is what I wrote in my first Letter to the Editor. It was not until I was given my real birth certificate, the one my adoptive mother had kept in a safe deposit box, that I read the facts of my birth. I was born at 32 weeks gestation, not 24. In 1956. My survival back then was not expected. At 17, I did not know the true facts of my birth. I was not told the truth. Therefore, the article below is sadly reflective of my ignorance. My views on abortion are not the same as they once were. And, this is the article my siblings read in the newspaper. They decided to make contact with me after my 18th birthday in six months from the time I wrote the following:

1973-10-12 A Human Being, Not a Discard

13-BirthParentsShouldBeConsidered 2-23-89

14-CurbSpermDonations 6-20-88

12-OpenLetterToBabyM-BeBrave 5-10-88

11-BabyM-JusticeRewardsWell 4-8-87

10-Surrogates'OffspringNeed 3-4-87

9-AdoptionsCanShackle 7-4-86

8-AdoptionIsn'tAnswer 7-3-85

8a-Responsesto TakeTeensNewborns- Mine is AdoptionIsn'tAnswer -- June-July 1985

1984-8-8 Registry Law Unjust to Adoptees

4-AdopteesHaveRighttoEthnicHeritage 9-6-83

5-CabbagePatchFadInsulttoAdoptees 12-10-83

2-AdoptedPersonsNeedAnswers dec 5 1980