20 Law Suits of Sex Abuse filed Against Retired Teacher Arthur Werner in Ken Ton School District, New York State

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Anyone who was a student of Arthur Werner’s 5th or 6th grade classes at Hoover Middle School in the KenTon School District in Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda, New York from the 1960s to the 1990s and has been a victim or has witnessed anything, please contact attorney Chris O’Brien ASAP.

Anyone who was a minor child as a member of The Buffalo Indian Dancers of the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York during the time when Arthur Werner was President and Dance Master, and has been a victim or witnessed anything, please contact the attorney ASAP.

Attorney Christopher J. O’Brien 1-716-907-7777

For the most recent information on the lawsuits, see this article:

Sixteen more lawsuits allege molestations by retired Ken-Ton teacher


See also: Child Victims Act



Since I wrote this post, 20 more lawsuits were filed against the Ken-Ton School District and Hoover Middle School naming Arthur Werner as sexually molesting boys in his fifth grade class.

Today, I checked the online link above for any new cases. Sure enough, there are 3 more cases naming Arthur Werner. This brings the total number to 33.

But these are the ones that have been reported. No one really knows how many 5th grade boys were this man’s victims.

I am shocked and devastated.  Art Werner was a man who influenced my life in so many positive ways. I wish I didn’t have to think about this. But I cannot ignore the facts.

Art Werner is in his 80s now and has dementia. I hope he knows that he now must pay for what he’s done. I feel sad for his family.