Dear Adoption, You Erased Me

Yes, this is how an adopted person feels; erased, re-written, reunited, not part of any family. With so many adopted people coming forward to tell their painful experiences, I hope that we leave a legacy for future generations to end this destruction.


Dear Adoption, You Erased Me

I am not part of my family anymore.  I am not my mother and father’s child.  My birth certificate was altered, and the person that I was born to be was erased from history, forever.  You took my name, and my home.

You took my mother.  Maybe she went along with it, but the result was she was gone.  It’s as if I was photo shopped onto another family portrait.

I think about you every day.  Some think that you should be part of my past, but you are not.  You are part of everyday.  I’m not able to put you behind me, and forget you.  You are there every time I look in the mirror, and see my mother.  You are there when I see my adoptive mother.  You are there when I look at my children, and when I try and sleep at…

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Daniel, Ibn Bahija.

“To those who arrogantly propose the “win-win” of adoption, I ask you now: Do you feel no duty, no compulsion, to take on this, the grief of a mother for the child she hardly knew? Now compounded by that of her son, grieving the one he never met? I will visit her grave on Friday, inch’allah, and I will place this crime on your shoulders as I place flowers at her resting place. Will you, at long last, include us in your horrid calculus of valid humanity? Do you imagine, after all this, I will continue to suffer gladly your sidewise glances, your sneers, your judgments, your backstabbings, your underminings, your euthanizing musings? “Paradise lies at the feet of mothers”: a succinct condemnation of your arrogance and disdain.”



Source: Daniel, Ibn Bahija.

Part 1: Punish Mothers • ‘Dispose of’ Babies

How timely this is in my life now. I’ve been recently contacted by a long ago boy friend whose mother had a child before she was married. She hid her secret and now she is gone. And her three adult children from her marriage are now in search of their older sister that came looking for her mother a few years ago but shame made her turn away from her first born child. How very tragic. This thing called illegitimacy. Targeting girls and their babies. When all is needed is love. The roots of this hate go back longer than the 100 years in the following blog post. It is history’s hatred of the bastard. Hell, it is even in the bible.

Maternal Banishment • Devious Collaboration • Infanticide!

Just when we begin to recover from the shock of learning about the hundreds of babies buried in a secret grave on the grounds of a convent in Ireland, we learn that many nations have similar ghoulish secrets. One secret grave – in a major city here in the United States – was found to contain the remains of five thousand infants. A link to the source of this exposé will be provided further on, together with a gateway to an even more horrendous litany of murders of illegitimate infants both in the U.S. and in other countries. So strap on your seat belts and prepare for a really rough ride!


You’ll be able to read for yourself Dr. George Walker’s report, as sources will be provided further on for either downloading it in various formats or reading online. In the meantime, here’s an introduction:


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How you treat adult adoptees on-line today may be how your child is treated tomorrow…

When I read this, I thought that this was written today, but no. The original post was made in 2012. This is still happening today. Adoptee voices are silenced, ridiculed, mocked. Adopted people are still labeled as “having a bad experience.” Adoptive “parents” and any non-adopted person, and any person who has not surrendered a child to adoption, really has no clue how adoption has ruined so many lives.

The adopted ones blog

Have you ever considered that?  That thought runs through my mind each and every time I see an adult adoptee called names and treated badly on any forum, facebook page, or blog.  Even those adult adoptees who are using all the required disclaimers and couching all statements with a “I feel” or “some” or “may or may not feel” or “it could make them”…

I started this post after reading a very disappointing exchange on a forum.  I first wrote here “Deep breath required because I am angry right now…counting to ten and beyond”.  For once, I followed my advice and waited a few days, and yet I still wish to offer some thoughts, or perhaps understanding, on how normal it is to want to make things better. 

The topic that got me angry: “it isn’t because you are adopted”

Followed by that being adopted and adoption does not cause any issues or challenges. …

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Bless My Homeland Forever

This song,  Edelweiss, has many meanings for me. First, it is a bittersweet memory from my childhood. My adoptive parents frequently took me to local theater performances of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical plays. This song is from The Sound of Music. As a child, yes, this song made me sad.

But now, decades later, I am struck with sentimental feelings of longing to go back into time, a time when I loved my parents with the innocence of the child I was, long before I knew the level of betrayal that my adoptive parents – and most of my adoptive family – inflicted upon me. They knew the truth of my origins and willfully kept it all a secret.

I am also feeling nostalgic for the Homeland (one of many) of my German-Swiss ancestors, places I have never seen, and may never get the chance to see. I am homesick to know where my blood feels at home.

And finally, I want to send this song out to my many adopted friends who were taken from their homelands and brought here to America. I have grown up: Edelweiss now is a symbol of oppression of adopted people.

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