I Finally Know Who I Am

This needs to be read by everyone who believes that adoption is wonderful, and that adoptive parents “save” adoptees from a life of poverty, and that you know many happy adoptees who wouldn’t dare speak out against adoption.

Adoption: Beyond Myths, Misgivings, and Mayhem

by: Bree aka NoRang

You STOLE me from my motherland.

You never asked if I was okay with leaving my place of birth, my home.

Kidnapping me away from everyone that looked like me, my culture.

I was placed into your family. A family who knew nothing about my my Korean culture or heritage.

Hell you did not even have the decency to find out what my Korean given name/ Middle name meant or how to properly pronounce it.

My name is NoRang 노랑 It means yellow. Did you know that I would be teased at school because of my middle name?

“Breanna No rang the doorbell”

“What kind of middle name is No Rang?”

You had me escorted to the US like I was a package.

You didn’t even have the decency to come to my place of birth to bring me home with you.

You paraded me around…

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