New York State Legislators Please VOTE NO on A5036-B and S4845-B & ADVANCE A6821-A and S5169-A


I live in these Districts:

Assembly District 140

Senate District 60


Monday June 19, 2017

Subject: VOTE NO on A5036-B and S4845-B & ADVANCE A6821-A and S5169-A


Dear New York State Legislators:

To those legislators who have contacted me to say that you will Vote NO to A5036-B, or at least take into consideration why you should vote NO, thank you. I appreciate your time to understand the issues at hand.

For those legislators who are still undecided, I am asking you again, with further explanation, to VOTE NO on A5036-B and S4845-B.

It seems to me that there might be a consensus to move toward pushing this bill forward into law because other states have passed similar confidential intermediary and redactive bills into law, favoring the unproven myth that mothers were promised confidentially.

I urge you to consider that each state in the United States passed laws in the 1930s to revoke and seal birth certificates of every child who was adopted to hide the stigma of being born an illegitimate bastard. The false birth certificate changed the legal status of the child; adoption by a legally married mother and father legally legitimized the bastard.

In today’s society, we know that not all adoptees were born bastards, and those who were, do not deserve the stigma.

We also know that children are removed from married parents and then adopted. Children of divorced parents are adopted by their step parents. Some children are adopted by their grandparents, or aunts and uncles, or older siblings. We know that full and half orphans, born of married parents, are also adopted. In each and every case, all children who are adopted are robbed of their natural born identities. New birth certificates are created for them. THIS is the main problem which is not being addressed by New York State legislators.

Why on Earth do you think that this kind of deception is morally, ethically, humanely, and civilly correct?

New York State has been creating new birth certificates for all adopted people since 1935. It is time THIS problem is stopped!

The two bills currently up in New York State – A5036-B and S4845-B (the “unclean” bills to be voted NO) and the “clean” bills A6821-A and S5169-A (that simply state that adoptees should be granted access to their now-sealed Original Birth Certificate) do not go far enough.

Many adopted people want mere access to their now-sealed original birth certificate because they are desperate for information about themselves. I understand this. Many adoptees want this “clean” bill to advance. For the sake of getting rid of the bad bills A5036-B and S4845-B, yes, I agree that voting into law a bill that further erodes adoptee rights would be bad for New York State adopted persons.

But, neither the old and badly amended Bill of Adoptee Rights (A5036-B and S4845-B), nor the new New York Bill of Adoptee Rights (A6821-A and S5169-A) are not “clean”.

The amended bills A5036-B and S4845-B are more concerned over mothers’ perceived right to confidentiality and treat adoptees as bastards in the nasty sense of the word – we are still seen as low life.

The new New York Bill of Adoptee Rights (A6821-A and S5169-A) is “clean” as far as unrestricted, equal access to original birth certificates for adult adoptees goes. That means, giving adoptees the respect due us as autonomous adults capable of rational thought to make our own decisions to see the truth of our births without parental permission or a judge’s decision.

But as for the total restoration of civil and human rights to our actual medical record of live birth is concerned, neither the old bill nor the new Bill of Adoptee Rights are “clean.”

Why do I say that?

Because neither bill will totally restore adoptees’ lost civil rights to our one and only medical record of live birth. Neither bill will stop the revocation and sealing of adoptees’ medical record of live birth, nor will stop the production of falsified birth certificates for adoptees.

Voting YES to the new New York Bill of Adoptee Rights (A6821-A and S5169-A) is a far better choice for Adoptees Civil Rights, but having access to a copy of the medical record of live birth while still maintaining the legality of the falsified birth certificate does not make adoptees equal to non-adopted people.

The only way adoptees will be truly equal to non-adopted people is to completely restore our civil rights to obtain a certified copy of our medical record of live birth and to be able to legally use it as identification, just as it was intended. Our legally-fictionalized identities are not who we were born to be. Adoptees should have the right to obtain a certified copy of our now-sealed birth record to replace our legally fictionalized “birth” certificate if we so choose.

And, for all new adoptees, legislators must enact a law that will stop revoking and sealing the birth certificates and stop the production of falsified birth certificates upon adoption.

THAT is the crux of the problem. The answer is full civil rights restoration to adoptees to use our medical record of live birth as identification, just as non-adopted people use theirs.

Give adoptees who seek their sealed records the choice to reclaim their name of birth or to maintain their adopted name. Give adoptees the choice to receive a certified copy of their now-sealed birth certificate to replace the falsified one that adoption made for them or to keep their adopted birth certificate. But for all new adoptees, make it mandatory that the adoptee’s medical record of live birth stay as it was intended to be the record of that person’s physical birth.

This is the true inequality. ACCESS to the truth of our births isn’t the ONLY inequality. The fact that our state government invalidated our births and replaced facts with legal fiction is the full inequality. Legally fictionalized birth certificates are not true medical facts and should not be passed off as vital statistics issued by the Health Department’s Vital Statistics Office.

Non-adopted people not only have the civil right to unrestricted access to their medical record of live birth (no parental permission or judge’s permission required), but they know that their birth certificates were not tampered with by the Director of Vital Statistics in Albany.

There is not one single reason why adoptees should be robbed of our birthrights upon adoption. Not one single reason.

It isn’t signed relinquishment that robbed of us our names and birth certificates. It isn’t perceived mothers’ confidentiality that robbed us of our identities. It is the 1935 New York State law that revoked and sealed our medical record of live birth so that our adopters could have the luxury of seeing their names as parents on a new birth certificate claiming that they gave birth, when, in fact, they didn’t. And it is the State’s idea to eradicate the identity of the natural parents to protect the adoptive family from interference that also robbed adoptees of our natural born identities.

Adopted people the world over are standing up and saying NO to this discrimination. We demand our natural-born identities returned to us. Adoption re-wrote the facts of our births, rewrote our names and our parentage. We want our vital statics returned to us. The truths of our births are not to be obliterated by our government.

Who among you will stand up for the truth?

Who among you will work with me to write new legislation to give each and every adopted person in New York State (and the whole of the United States) equal access and equal identity civil rights as those who are not adopted?

To all New York State Legislators: You have your birth certificate.

Now I demand the civil right to mine. And my fellow adoptees demand the complete restoration to theirs as well.

As I have stated in my previous emails, if YOUR birth certificate was removed and annulled of its official certification, and if YOUR birth was invalidated by the State of New York, if YOUR identity was erased and replaced by a new one, you might be just as outraged as adoptees are today.

It would be an education for you to see all of my birth certificates: my hospital birth certificate, my short form birth registration, my long form medical record of live birth, my short form amended birth certificate issued upon adoption, my long form birth certificate issued upon adoption. To see all of my birth certificates, follow this link to my article published on my website: Presenting My Sealed Birth Certificate and Falsified One as Evidence of New York State Fraud – Revoking, Sealing and Falsifying Adoptees’ Birth Certificates is Unconstitutional

Once you see the evidence I present, you may change your mind to VOTE NO on A5036B and S04845B.

If you vote YES to the new New York Bill of Adoptee Rights (A6821-A and S5169-A), then know that there is much more work to be done. You must also devise ways to overturn the 1935 law that revokes and seals, and then falsifies birth certificates of adopted people to completely restore civil rights to identity for all adopted people.


Doris Michol Sippel

Born January 7, 1956.

Adopted as Joan Mary Wheeler on January 14, 1957.

Legally reclaimed name of birth on June 13, 2017.