Adoption Activists are Not Afraid of The Feds, Are You?

Perhaps “Unknown” and “?” and other Federal Government entities have been monitoring online adoptees and parents-of-adoption-loss for many years. I’ve heard of other adoptee bloggers who have had their free blogs simply vanish without warning, while others are still up, but are disabled from further posting or comments.

They do not want us to tell the truth. This is a civil war without guns.

To put an end to slavery, many thousands of people lost their lives. The courageous women who fought for the right to vote were savagely beaten, jailed, and ridiculed. Gays and lesbians face violence and death for being who they are. (I highly recommend that everyone see the play, The Laramie Project. Matthew Shepard should not have been beaten to death. His mother is a courageous woman.)

Any adoption reformers, or friendly strangers, who want to read and post comments, can certainly use your online usernames for your security. While many people do not like the Comment Moderation, I have had to do that as a filtering system to weed out certain people who have nothing better to do than harass with petty nonsense. I am not engaging, nor allowing, childish bickering. While it is true, as some of my former commenters pointed out in my most recent former blog, I should leavein the nonsense and my readers will know the difference. Trouble is, I will not give certain people a voice on my website because this is a matter of their violating past (and present) police Orders of Protection.

So, here’s another nugget to think about: a while back, two gay men in a committed relationship won the right to adopt and put both of their names on their adoptee’s new birth certificate. This was seen as a victory in the gay and lesbian community. Wrong. It is unethical for one persecuted group to usurp the rights of another and call it a victory. In this case, two committed gay men won the right to adopt. That is a victory. The immorality and denying the rights of another comes in when one takes a closer look at the ‘new’ birth certificate issue. All adoptees suffer the indignation of government seizure of their birth certificates for the perceived benefit of the government then making a false Certificate of Live Birth for every adoption. This is immoral. It should be illegal.

Perhaps I am leaving no room for debate and that’s why people are not commenting.

I do not think so.

I have seen plenty of blog posts on other blogs where people write in great detail of their feelings and experiences concerning this great American (and Global) tradition of falsifying adoptees’ birth certificates. A few people posted over the years that someone should gather up these individual stories into a book. That sounds like a project I would like to do. So, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog posts and/or on the Pages on Birth Certificates or Anti Adoption.

As Basdardette pointed out in her blog post:, there is much to think about from the negative publicity of that ABC article I agreed to be a part of. (Thanks, Basdardette, I sure did need a bit of humor!)

I hope my readers now realize I DID NOT SAY I would have preferred to live in FOSTER CARE rather than in my adoptive home, like that reporter claimed I said. The real answer is that I would have preferred to either have open visitation during my childhood with the siblings and father left behind while being raised in my adoptive home, or, the better solution would have been to not coerce my grieving father into giving up his newborn daughter and separating his children. Relatives from my adoptive family and my deceased mother’s family still blame my father for that. I do not. I DO blame liars and cheaters who prevented me from developing and maintaining relationships with my own blood kin and nuclear family. THAT is nothing short of child abuse.

You do not see that in divorce, and if you do, the spouse who violates visitation rights is in serious legal trouble. Why, then, is it assumed that adoptive parents and entire adoptive extended family systems can get away with lying and preventing an innocent child from access with her own blood family? Is it because they believe it is the relinquishing parent’s “fault”? Is it because the public perceives that once a child is “freed” for adoption, then that child is somehow “better off” because the natural parents “didn’t want” the child so the adoptive parents are seen as saviors?

The entire social and legal system of adoption needs fixing. Better yet, it needs to stop.

While non-adoptees and non-parents-of-adoption-loss in  the general public flap around and argue about adoption policy in private (grey) market adoptions, and child-trafficking schemes (black market adoptions, and adoption agency (white market) adoptions, there is something that goes on underneath it all. We must stop the government seizure of birth certificates of vulnerable infants and children, stop the sealing of these documents, and stop the automatic issuance of ‘new’, ‘amended’, falsified Certificates of Live Birth to adoptees. This nationwide practice is also a global practice. These are crimes committed against infants and children who grow up to be adults still bound by laws that restrict their personal and legal freedoms.  Even adoptees who are blissfully happy in their adoptive homes, and have no interest in searching, or no interest in a reunion with their natural families, even these adoptees have been personally and legally violated by the practice of falsifying government documents by a Court Judge and the Registrar of Vital Statistics who carries out the court order to issue a falsified Certificate of Live Birth. I am not a lawyer, but I must say, this seems to be lying under oath, which is fraud and perjury, is it not?  

I have put my legal name of Joan Mary Wheeler, and my non-legal (but once was legal) name at birth of Doris Michol Sippel, to many Letters to the Editor and paid commentary newspaper articles since I was age 19 in 1975. I have always stood up for the truth. In the days of the Internet and screenames and usernames, I have posted many comments under these nicknames. Either way, I am not afraid of the government looking in on my now paid-for website, clicking on the Pages to see when my book will be published.

I have published snippets of my two Certificates of Live Birth on this website, but they are printed in full in my book. I am not afraid of identity theft. Financially, I am in ruin now. I am taking steps to legally protect myself in starting a small business, but I am in no way afraid to go public with the personal and governmental crimes committed against me.

If this is only a States’ issue, then why is the Federal Government spying on me? The Pentagon? Really? Why?

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