Invitation from Chuck Johnson and the NCFA: The anti-adoption community is working overtime…Stop them now

It came in my email inbox:

The anti-adoption community is working overtime.  Stop them now.

National Council For Adoption []

Thu 8/12/2010 11:43 AM

Dear Friend of Adoption,


At NCFA, we believe a nurturing, permanent family is every child’s birthright, yet there are those who actually oppose adoption and attack NCFA for our strong advocacy. In fact, the anti-adoption community is working overtime to counter our mission to promote a positive culture of adoption. 

This opposition demonstrates our success as the nation’s authoritative voice for adoption. We have seen passage of several NCFA-supported initiatives on Capitol Hill, enjoyed our most successful National Adoption Conference ever, had a wonderful night out with 500 children waiting to be adopted and their foster parents with Kids at Heart at Nationals Park, appeared on CNN, and contributed to stories in Time magazine, The New York Times, and the Associated Press.

What can you do to stop this negativity and anti-adoption efforts?

You can make an urgent online, tax-deductible gift right now of $50, $75, or $100to ensure that adoption remains strong.  We need your immediate financial support so that we can continue our important advocacy on behalf of children, birthparents, and adoptive families all around the world.  Please, visit our website and make an urgent online, tax-deductible gift of $50, $75, or $100 and support our efforts to promote a positive culture of adoption.    

You can also show your support for NCFA and adoption by joining our official Facebook Page by clicking hereThen, suggest our page to your Facebook friends.  We want our page to be a positive place where birthparents, prospective adoptive parents, and adopted persons can share their experiences about adoption and help raise awareness for the positive option of adoption for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Together, we will keep adoption strong, and we will not allow the anti-adoption minority to negatively influence policy and practice. 

Will you please make an urgent online, tax-deductible gift right now of $50, $100, or $250 to ensure that adoption remains a positive option for women facing an unplanned pregnancy? 

 You can STOP the negativity and anti-adoption efforts: DONATE NOW to keep adoption strong.

With sincere thanks for your support,

Chuck Johnson
President and CEO

P.S.  Will you please forward this message to your friends, family, and contacts and ask them to make an urgent online, tax-deductible gift of $50, $75 or $100 to ensure that adoption remains strong?

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Chuckie, Chuckles, or whatever-you-want-to-call-him, is at it again.

Looks like I have no choice but to bring out some former posts from my previous blogs.

You asked for it, sweetie pie. Stay tuned.


Half-Orphan56, LegitimateBastard, best known as Joan Mary Wheeler BORN AS Doris Michol Sippel —- the most hated anti-adoption adoptee in America!

Why am I anti-adoption? Because I am PRO FAMILY PRESERVATION!

15 thoughts on “Invitation from Chuck Johnson and the NCFA: The anti-adoption community is working overtime…Stop them now

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  3. Lillie

    A child’s birth certificate doesn’t need to be altered & the original sealed in order to give him or her a good home.

    A child doesn’t need his/her ties with the REST of the family severed completely in order to give him/her a new home.

    A child SHOULDN’T have to give up everything in order to be loved and protected.

    WHY is this so HARD for people to understand?

  4. Krista Freelove

    Bite Me, Chuck!

    The authentic truth is coming out. We will no longer be silent and you will be exposed as the slime ball baby broker you are.

    Viva La Bastards!

    Krista-reunited adoptee.

  5. Mara


    As a police officer, I saw a lot of child abuse. I remember the adoptive grandfather who molested his new granddaughter by having her suck his p*nis. I took his confession.

    Don’t try to lecture me or anyone else on the “better than” scenarios of adoption. Myself and many of my adoptee friends are lucky to be alive because of the abuse of our adoptoraptors.

    I agree that children should be removed from abuse. You and I agree on that. But taking them away from their biological family instead of helping them find kinship care and sealing their birth certificates is immoral and should be ILLEGAL. I’m lucky I survived my abuse. He threatened to kill me all the time.

    Take your preaching elsewhere, you have NO idea what you are talking about, Officer Chelsea.

  6. LoriA – I think NCFA needs money to lobby louder on Capital Hill. Just my guess. Money speaks louder than our reality.

    Jeff – right on. They find ways to continue to fill the need for more babies – just keep telling pregnant vulnerable women that they are no good to raise their own kids.

    Dan – I can’t add any more to your points! Thanks for sharing!

    Mara – keep being pissed because we need bastards like you to keep the adoptive-parents-wannabees in on why we are mad!

    Chelsea – what you see on your job is truly horrific, no question about it. We are not saying to put children back into the hands of parents who are abusive, BUT you need to know adoptive parents can also be abusive. Adoptees are injured and killed by their adoptive parents, too, so your logic falls flat. I’m a Social Worker so I know where you are coming from – I’ve been to court with clients who have lost their children due to nothing more than poverty. In the cases you site, removing a child and placing a child in a safe home is a good idea provided that means in extended kinship care or guardianship that will allow a child access to toehr family memebrs AND to maintain her or his identity at birth AND allow for sblings to be raised together. I lost ALL of my siblings and my identity at birth due to being relinquished and then adopted. And there was no good reason for me to lose everything so that my adoptive parents could have a child to love. It was by their will, and the courts, that I be forbidden access to my own full blood siblings — and THAT is child abuse of me, and the siblings left behind: psychological child abuse. Those wounds continue well into adulthood.

  7. Chelsea

    Perhaps if you people would focus on what’s best for a child then maybe your anger would be less. Take a ride with me sometimes, a police officer who has to go in and literally peel a child off a hot radiator after his protector, his biologcal mother has beaten him half to death because he dared talk back to his step father. Or a young teenager who has just given birth several months ago gives the baby vodka so he can sleep through the night so she can go party with her friends because the little brat cries so much. Or the granddaddy of them all , a young girl who puts the newborn in a trash can because the baby’s father left her and she does not want to have anything to do with his bastard.

    All these cases I have cited are all true. Tell me again that we should try and make a family anyway instead of getting these kids to famililes that will love them unconditionally and nuture them the way they should be loved. At the end of the day love and not biology should be the deciding factor. And as long as I am able to I will make sure these criminals lose all rights to these precious children and spend as much time in jail as possible.

  8. Mara

    Ahhhhh, poor up-Chuckie is afraid his baby business will be going out of business.

    Those responsible for sealing our birth records should have thought about your wellbeing, Chuckie, before they perpetrated their evil deeds. They did care that the babies would some day grow up and be PISSED. They only cared about the money at the time, just as you do now.

    Piss on your baby-pimping business you disgraceful vulture.

  9. Dan in MI

    “had a wonderful night out with 500 children waiting to be adopted and their foster parents”

    How can there be anything wonderful about 500 kids waiting to be adopted… oh yeah, that means the shelves are stocked so the PAPs can see them displayed for easy inspection and quick sale.

    Adoption in this country is no more than profiteering under the guise of social engineering, an experiment that has been a failure for the vast majority of those involved, more specifically the product and the producer of said product, while chucky and his minions laugh all the way to the bank!

  10. Lori A

    I’m confused as to WHY they need money to shut up the so called anti adoption people? What will money do? I was expecting something like “post how happy you are” or “discredit them at every turn”. LOL, instead the logic is “we need donated money to keep them quiet?” I seriously dont get it.

  11. Thanks 7rin and Gaye for commenting!

    NCFA IS desperate! They think that money is everything, can buy everything, including kids! Including bastards’ silence! Yes, we ARE onto them (NCFA) and they are afraid that if too many people in the general public read our blogs and posts, we bastards will actually make a change. THEY do not want the changes we have been saying for decades! Desperate, they are. Logical, we are!

  12. LOL, but in a sad way.

    Translation: “OMG! Panic! The Angry Bastards are on to us – quick, give us some more money!” 😦

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