VT to MN Day 9 – Dad

Tim says to post far and wide, so I am!

Help an adoptee journey home:


A rest day was exactly what I needed. I actually slept in this morning!  By sleeping in I mean I slept past 7 am, which I have not done since I started this trip.  Joan was a wonderful host again this morning and I can not thank her enough for opening her home to me. 

It was 30 degrees colder today than it has been the previous two days.  it never came close to getting above 60.  it’s a funny temperature zone for me when I am riding.  Generally I would be completely bundled up, but my body has started to acclimate and I am taking the cold better than I normally would.  It’s also a funky temperature range because it’s the middle ground for clothing.  If it were just a little colder my actual cold weather gear would be perfect, but when…

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