Letter Writing Campaign to The White House During the First Week of National Adoption Month November 2014

The following is shared at the request of my dear friend and long-time adoption activist, Sandy Musser, Director of Adoption ALARM Network.


Powers of the President.
The piece below called “No Congressional Approval Needed” is from an article titled A President’s Legislative Powers.

Enacting the ADOPTEES RESTORATION ACT would restore ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES to all ADOPTED ADULTS in America in one fell swoop!

There is no doubt that this would be President Obama’s GREATEST LEGACY (comparable to LINCOLN freeing the slaves) since millions and millions of ADOPTED ADULTS would have their true identities, their medical histories, their cultures, and and their ancestries restored.

As we begin our letter campaign to the White House during the first week of November, we need to emphasize the extreme importance and need for this to be accomplished. Send copies of your letters to media outlets and let them know that you’re available for an interview.

No Congressional Approval Needed

There are two ways that presidents can enact initiatives without congressional approval. Presidents may issue a proclamation, often ceremonial in nature, such as naming a day in honor of someone or something that has contributed to American society.

A president may also issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER which has the full effect of law and is directed to federal agencies that are charged with carrying out the order. Examples include Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order for the internment of Japanese-Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Harry Truman’s integration of the armed forces and Dwight Eisenhower’s order to integrate the nation’s schools.


At the request of my dear friend, Sandy Musser, President of ALARM – Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement

I am re-printing the following letter just in time for voters in Louisiana.


Our ALARM Rep, Cryptic Omega, received a personal note from U.S. Representative Candidate Lee Dugas after asking her where she stood on our Adoptee Rights issue. This was her wonderful response:

From: ldugas2001@cox.net
Date:11/03/2014 07:58 (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: A question before I vote.

This is very close to my heart, I was adopted myself, and I know how hard it is to get information to find where you fit in, as well as your history and who you are.

About 3 years ago through an Adoption web site, I was contacted and have since met my birth mother and one of my half sisters. I am the oldest of 3. I’ve also met my step brother and two aunts, as well, and they’ve all lived in Louisiana all these years.

I am a firm believer that information should be made available to Adoptees. I am a Disabled Desert Storm Vet and it was difficult getting medical history, but I was able to do so when I met them. We used to meet for lunch every week until mom got too sick to be left alone, but I still keep in touch with them.

Most people know their backgrounds but a lot of us don’t and knowing where we are from is very, very Important. So to answer your question, I believe that ALL information should be viewable by the adoptee, and I will be happy to work on that. Like I told a reporter when asked why not the state office, I told her that was simple. Because what needs to be done has to be done at the National level!

If you have any more questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. And if you are in the Metairie area, join us on election night.

Have a Blessed Day,
Lee Ann Dugas