Every Disgusting, Self-Centered AP Cliche Ever

I’ll add one more to #2) “Relinquishing mothers (like all women in our society) are either virgins or sluts.” Why is it that adopters never consider that the mother of a relinquished baby may actually have died? My mother was not a slut, nor was she a virgin. She was a married mother of four older children when she gave birth to me. My mother died of cancer and my grieving father relinquished me. Yet, all I hear is “birth” mother-shaming. As a real half-orphan, I find the slut-shaming to be disgusting. This blog post gives us a good look into the minds of adopters today.


can be found in this article, which the snurchin will entitle Adoption Fills Gaping Hole in Already-Reasonably-Complete Fort Collins Family Ye Gods How They Must Have Suffered! It’s an oldie (June 2015) about a couple who adopted the man’s cousin’s baby.

Cliche 1) APs are selfless, which is why the cost of their charity is your child. Mary and Kevin only wanted to help a woman in need: The couple began talking about how they could help Lexa — a two-time leukemia survivor with dreams of becoming a nurse — raise a child and still attend college in the fall. I swear to you I am not making this up.

2) Relinquishing mothers (like all women in our society) are either virgins or sluts. In this case, the mother is innocent rather than sinful because she is  related to Kevin, the much-smarter adoptive father): “She was a great kid…

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