From Adoptee Ferera Swan: On Adoptee Psychological and Physiological Trauma Caused by Adoption Separation

Quoting my new friend, Ferera Swan:

When discussing the fact that neurons are not only found in the brain but also the heart as well as every organ, the question of why so many adoptees actually suffer from ‘unexplained, random’ ailments and illnesses must be explored. Four different medical doctors and five therapists later, I had no answers for my personal experience until the trauma of relinquishment was delved into. Many don’t realize the magnitude of affects the removal of an infant from its mother has on an adoptee – and birth mother – for a lifetime not just psychologically, but physiologically.
Stay curious.

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Ferea Swan 2018

14 thoughts on “From Adoptee Ferera Swan: On Adoptee Psychological and Physiological Trauma Caused by Adoption Separation

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  2. No infant-child has done anything wrong to be separated from their primary family. Money, greed, and the fact that some people cannot reproduce. I am sorry about that, however, innocent people should not pay with their “lives” to take up that void. Capitalism allows birth to be a lottery, laws written based on scientific research need to be passed and followed worldwide.

    Best always, Ginny09

  3. If anything will reduce or stop adoption practices, it is the biological, neurological, and psychological research of scientists. Schore’s research shows that an adoptee will need to work harder at relationships for them to be successful. Not fair to put a person in that position.
    Also, a Utube lecture by Dr. Paul Sunderlund, 2015, from the UK titled Adoption and Addiction, will mention Schore’s research.

    1. How can I help move this information forward?

      Yes, I have had to work harder in interpersonal relationships. It is also important to note that the psychology of adoptees is misunderstood by the general public and our families. I have been attacked by family members and the public for speaking out against adoption. Other people cause relationship problems for adoptees who are at a disadvantage.

      1. Encourage everyone to paste links to Schore’s research all over the internet.
        If anyone challenges his research, they can contact Schore directly at the University of Cal.
        There is now also, the science of Epigenetics, proving harm to adoptees children.

        Here is a portion of a research paper I wrote: hope this fits.
        The Science of Epigenetics and the Next Generation:
        According to a 2018 study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison titled Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee, early relational trauma can be passed to the next generation and beyond.
        Dr. Leslie Seltzer (2018) from UW-Madison and her research team found childhood trauma “leaves scars that are genetic, not just emotional”, this is called an epigenetic modification that affects emotional regulation and can create depressive disorders. Seltzer reported these modifications to “remain like fossils in our genome, telling us there was a trauma here” (Paragraph 4.). The person who experienced the initial trauma can be “susceptible to a second trauma or, even worse, a behavioral change later in life” (Paragraph 4).
        Dr. Rachel Yehuda (2018) research for the Minnesota Trauma Project found that the trauma experienced by a parent can be passed genetically to subsequent generations.

        1. ginny, Thank you so very much for all of this information!

          I definitely will be making this a new avenue of presenting to legislators to change the laws.

          One good bit of news to share: I had a private phone conversation in late Spring with the Director of Vital Statistics in Albany, New York about changing laws. He said that he is a common-sense kind of guy. He really sees our points about the truth lying locked up on our revoked and sealed birth certificates. He admitted that the only way to do this is by legislative action to reverse and to repeal the punishing laws of the 1930s to fully liberate adopted people.

          There is some hope here!

      2. You can print out the research and hand it to family members or anyone else who challenges your understanding of adoption..the PROOF is IN THE SCIENCE…

      3. You now have all the ‘scientific evidence’ necessary to prove what you are saying is absolutely correct.
        There is a LOT more that supports Schore’s research..

  4. Read the research of Dr. Allan N. Schore, a neurologist research regarding the effects of relational separation too an infant’s right brain development.
    Use Google Scholar…

      1. Click to access schore.pdf


        Click to access e399f35edbea8f4e125a80e0ad47deb0c206.pdf

        Attachment, Affect Regulation, and the Developing Right Brain: Linking Developmental
        Neuroscience to Pediatrics

        Click to access f5fb49584bc050f0a643d2cce493e9a41cdc.pdf

        The Effects of a Secure Attachment Relationship on Right Brain Development,
        Affect Regulation, & Infant Mental Health
        Allan N. Schore
        Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences,
        University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine

        There are more articles out there.

        This will keep me busy reading!

        This should be enough proof to end adoption forever. No more willfully separating infants and young children from their mothers for the purpose pf adoption by hungry childless couples, or wanna-be-parents.

        Infants and children belong with their mothers. Period. Not with strangers. Separation causes permanent brain damage.

        1. I completely agree with you. This is SO HARD for us to realize. But scientific proof of damage and a discussion of ethics and human rights may just help make this practice ‘rare’.

          CONSIDER if this information was on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post, how fast adoption agencies would lose business. And also, the business of surrogacy.

        2. There is also this new law: if a single Mom needs help:
          found on the Focus First Campaign for Children’s website:
          “The Family First Prevention Services Act was signed into law as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act on February 9, 2018. This act
          reforms the federal child welfare financing streams, Title IV-E and
          Title IV-B of the Social Security Act, to provide services to families who are at risk of entering the child welfare system. The bill aims to prevent children from entering foster care by allowing federal reimbursement for mental health services, substance use treatment, and in-home parenting skill training. It also seeks to improve the well-being of children already in foster by incentivizing
          states to reduce the placement of children in congregate care” (Combi, 2018).

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