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Subject: Adoptees’ Civil Rights to their true birth certificates

President Barack Obama

December 5, 2009

Mr. President,

It is of vital importance that you pass Federal Legislation restoring the legal right for adoptees to not only have access to their true birth certificates, but it is also imperative that you immediately halt the state-by-state assault on illegitimate bastards, half and full orphans, and step children adopted by their step-parents and children born within a marriage to be “legitimized” by adoption. The process of adoption strips a child of her/his name at birth, parents of conception and birth, strips them of their relationships with these parents, and forbids any contact with siblings left behind.

I urge you to immediately pass Federal Legislation that would erase the automatic issuance of “new” and “amended” and false and fraudulent Certificates of Live Birth to adoptees at the finalization of their adoptions.

Adoptees do not have the full civil right to access and obtain a certified copy of their true birth certificates. Meanwhile, the Certificate of Live Birth that is issued upon adoption falsely states that the parents named on the document are the parents by birth, which is a blatant lie. Such a document is a fraudulent birth certificate, yet this is what adoptees have to pass off as their birth certificates.

Much better is the way it is done in The Netherlands:
1 birth certificate + 1 adoption certificate = adoption truth

I am 53 years old and cannot obtain my true birth certificate, even though I already have it (because my natural father gave it to my adoptive parents at my relinquishment.

Visit my website:


Joan M Wheeler,
born as,
Doris M Sippel

author of: Forbidden Family:
A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion


This post is written by Lori Carangelo founder of Americans For Open Records, and submitted by me, legitimatebastard, via email:

Another thing the general public as well as pro-adoption folks don’t consider is that neither relinquishing Parents nor Adopters have a say wih regard to falsifying and sealing the Adoptee'[s birth recoird — It’s the law, even in stepparent adoptions.  And it’s not only the immediate “Triad” of Adoptee-Parent-Adopter who are adversely affected by the Adoptee’s falsified records.  It’s also the Triad’s future children and their children who inherit the burden as well.
I found my son two decades ago, after an 18-year search hindered by falsified sealed “adoption-birth” records.  Two decades later,  now that they are of legal age and can make their own decisions, I found his two daughters, my granddaughters, who were also lost to adoption (stepparent adoptions with falsified, sealed records).  One of them who I had helped raise in her first year, could not possibly have remembered me nor know that I loved her.  I had no say in her parents’ decisions and only my son’s Adopter was permitted to be part of her life as “her grandmother,” just as only his Adopter was allowed to be his “Mother.”  This granddaughter was evidently conditioned from an early age to be angry and distrustful of not only her father (my son) but also his “birth” family, and so she rejected my attenpt to know and befriend her.
My other granddaughter, however, who has the same father (my son), different mother, and who I had never seen, has told me she was searching for her father before I found her and that she is interested to know about the family and “what she missed”…an expression of a natural need to know.  Is it that my two granddaughters have different genes and personalities?  Or that they have different resiliences to adoption’s lies, half-truths and false assumptions?  Or that they were raised in different environments with different histories?  I’ve had only a first contact with her at this writing, so cannot yet answer these questions, but anticipate we’ll both have lots of questons…and answers that adoption would otherwise withhold, distort, or fabricate.  
Books such as Joan Wheeler’s “Forbidden Family” are written to help break the cycle of adoption’s mistakes not only for themselves but also for future generations.
Lori Carangelo, Founder (
Americans For Open Records ( )

Falsified Birth and Baptismal Certificates Revisted

It amazes me that people really do not understand this issue. Adoptees do not falsify their own documents. Adoptive parents do no falsify the documents. Natural parents do not falsify documents.

When a baby or a child is relinquished to adoption, that infant or older child maintains her/his birth certificate (and religious baptismal certificate) from birth. That is the child’s legal identity. That birth certificate names the parents who are responsible for creating that infant whose birth is recorded on the birth certificate: “Certificate of Live Birth”.

Only when an  infant or older child has undergone the legal process of adoption, a six month or longer process, at the moment the Judge and the adopting parents sign the Final Order of Adoption, only then is the legal process set in motion to change the legal identity of that infant. This legal process takes from  about 1 month to 3 months for the Judge’s Order to arrive in the hands of the Registrar of Vital Statistics. Then, the Registrar takes the information that the Judge sends over, and puts the new name of the child and the names of the adopting parents and the birth information onto a form that closely resembles the actual birth certificate. But this “new” birth certificate is not the exact same form. It is, however, a legal form. It is a legalized method of lying. It is a legal “Certificate of Live Birth”.

All adoptees have a legally falsified “Certificate of Live Birth” that states they were born to parents who did not create them biologically. The mother named on this “Certificate of Live Birth” did not give birth to that named child!

This is fraud perpetrated b y the government.

Fraud perpetrated by any Church (does not have to be Catholic, but in my case, is) to issue a certified religious document stating that an adopted child was baptised in the adoptive name is jiust that: fraud. If, on the other hand, a child is baptised AFTER an adoption, then that baptism is correctly done and correctly documented.

In my case, the Catholic Church falsifed my baptismal certificate to indicate that I was baptised in my adoptive name, which I was not. You will have to buy my book to see all of these documents clearly printed in black and white. 

Adoptees are not guilty of fraud. The State and Federal Governments are guilty of fraud. It is time to put an end to adoption fraud.

Yes They are Using BirthMothers to Keep Adoptees’ Birth Records Sealed

Lori A at her blog, DNA Diaries, has an excellent post about how slowly she realized the issues surrounding adoptees’ fight to obtain a certified copy of their own true birth certificates.

In her post, Slowly Coming Around to a New Way of Thinking (Dec 16, 2009), Lori states “U.S. courts have ruled that there are no such things as ‘adoptee rights’. No rights exist in law or can be upheld in court. Let that soak in for a minute. No matter how old you get as an adoptee, there are still certain rights that do not and will not pertain to you, because of a decision that was made for you. You are disallowed certain rights that pertain to the non adopted, but there are no other rights that pertain to you under the law.”

And then, Lori states, “Then it slowly, over days, begins to sink in. When adoption started it was to hide the sins of an unwed mother and the embarrassment of infertile couples. As time goes on, it becomes more about privacy for the parents raising the adopted child. Now, it’s about my right to privacy as a damaged first parent. … Now I get it. They are using ME, my status to promote ‘their’ agenda.”

Yes, that’s right. Lori. They, The NCFA, and the ACLU, and the Catholic agenda, are all working against us to protect the rights of the unwed mother to remain in hiding. That not only is an inaccurate assessment of single mothers who lost their newborns to adoption, but it is a gross injustice to all adoptees. For we are punished for the “sins” of our parents, yet, many of us were born to married parents! I was. And then my mother died, making me a half orphan. A half orphan has rights. But then I was adopted and adoption overrode my first birth rights.

This cycle needs to stop.

Thank you, Lori, for your post.

Thoughts on Being an Imposter

In the past 35 years of being in reunion and having my true birth certificate and true baptismal certificate, along with my legal birth certificate that states that I was born to a woman who did not give birth to me, and a baptismal certificate in my adoptive name that states that the person named was baptized three years before that person legally existed, I find it amazing that many other people are confused by my identities.

I, however, am not confused. It is troubling to view my true and falsified documents, but I know who I am, and I know my legal name prior to adoption. I know my religious name prior to adoption. Actually,my religious name will always be Doris Michol Sippel because, according to the Catholic Church, once baptized, a person is always that name in the eyes of God.

Because I have these documents, people assume all kinds of nasty things about me. They assume that I falsified my own documents. Some people have accused me of fraud. Some people are so confused themselves about who I am that they argued with me because they could not warp their brain around my life’s complexities.

It is not the fault of reunion, nor is it that my adoptive mother threw my sealed birth records and adoption decree at me three days into my telephone reunion in 1974, that caused this “identity” problem for me. Opening up adoptees’ sealed records will not cause otherwise intelligent adoptees to go into a tale-spin. The identity confusion for the adoptee comes in when the adoptee realizes that the government is at fault. Changing an adoptee’s birth certificate is inherent within the process of legally adopting an adoptee. It is part of the legal documentation of the exchange of that baby or older child from one set of parents to the other set of parents. The parents do not change the infant’s name: they do not cause the legal incongruities — the court and Registrar of Vital Statistics do that.

However, adoptive parents come to accept, expect, and eagerly await their new adoptee into their lives and with the receipt of that baby, they (the adopting parents) wait for the “new” amended birth certificate to arrive in the mail. This “new” birth certificate “proves” that they are the child’s new parents! The “old” parents now no longer exist, so adoptive parents develop an attitude of Entitlement over their adoptee.

But they forget: they would not be ADOPTIVE parents if it were not for the conception and birth of that infant to another set of parents.

When we get to the point of telling  the truth in both adoptive-parent-to-adoptee relationships and on the documents that record adoptions (a falsified birth certificate should actually be a Certificate of Adoption), then this adoptee who sometimes feels like an impostor in her own life, will be happy.

Truth in adoption and reproductive technologies needs to happen.

Adoption Activists are Not Afraid of The Feds, Are You?

Perhaps “Unknown” and “?” and other Federal Government entities have been monitoring online adoptees and parents-of-adoption-loss for many years. I’ve heard of other adoptee bloggers who have had their free blogs simply vanish without warning, while others are still up, but are disabled from further posting or comments.

They do not want us to tell the truth. This is a civil war without guns.

To put an end to slavery, many thousands of people lost their lives. The courageous women who fought for the right to vote were savagely beaten, jailed, and ridiculed. Gays and lesbians face violence and death for being who they are. (I highly recommend that everyone see the play, The Laramie Project. Matthew Shepard should not have been beaten to death. His mother is a courageous woman.)

Any adoption reformers, or friendly strangers, who want to read and post comments, can certainly use your online usernames for your security. While many people do not like the Comment Moderation, I have had to do that as a filtering system to weed out certain people who have nothing better to do than harass with petty nonsense. I am not engaging, nor allowing, childish bickering. While it is true, as some of my former commenters pointed out in my most recent former blog, I should leavein the nonsense and my readers will know the difference. Trouble is, I will not give certain people a voice on my website because this is a matter of their violating past (and present) police Orders of Protection.

So, here’s another nugget to think about: a while back, two gay men in a committed relationship won the right to adopt and put both of their names on their adoptee’s new birth certificate. This was seen as a victory in the gay and lesbian community. Wrong. It is unethical for one persecuted group to usurp the rights of another and call it a victory. In this case, two committed gay men won the right to adopt. That is a victory. The immorality and denying the rights of another comes in when one takes a closer look at the ‘new’ birth certificate issue. All adoptees suffer the indignation of government seizure of their birth certificates for the perceived benefit of the government then making a false Certificate of Live Birth for every adoption. This is immoral. It should be illegal.

Perhaps I am leaving no room for debate and that’s why people are not commenting.

I do not think so.

I have seen plenty of blog posts on other blogs where people write in great detail of their feelings and experiences concerning this great American (and Global) tradition of falsifying adoptees’ birth certificates. A few people posted over the years that someone should gather up these individual stories into a book. That sounds like a project I would like to do. So, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog posts and/or on the Pages on Birth Certificates or Anti Adoption.

As Basdardette pointed out in her blog post:, there is much to think about from the negative publicity of that ABC article I agreed to be a part of. (Thanks, Basdardette, I sure did need a bit of humor!)

I hope my readers now realize I DID NOT SAY I would have preferred to live in FOSTER CARE rather than in my adoptive home, like that reporter claimed I said. The real answer is that I would have preferred to either have open visitation during my childhood with the siblings and father left behind while being raised in my adoptive home, or, the better solution would have been to not coerce my grieving father into giving up his newborn daughter and separating his children. Relatives from my adoptive family and my deceased mother’s family still blame my father for that. I do not. I DO blame liars and cheaters who prevented me from developing and maintaining relationships with my own blood kin and nuclear family. THAT is nothing short of child abuse.

You do not see that in divorce, and if you do, the spouse who violates visitation rights is in serious legal trouble. Why, then, is it assumed that adoptive parents and entire adoptive extended family systems can get away with lying and preventing an innocent child from access with her own blood family? Is it because they believe it is the relinquishing parent’s “fault”? Is it because the public perceives that once a child is “freed” for adoption, then that child is somehow “better off” because the natural parents “didn’t want” the child so the adoptive parents are seen as saviors?

The entire social and legal system of adoption needs fixing. Better yet, it needs to stop.

While non-adoptees and non-parents-of-adoption-loss in  the general public flap around and argue about adoption policy in private (grey) market adoptions, and child-trafficking schemes (black market adoptions, and adoption agency (white market) adoptions, there is something that goes on underneath it all. We must stop the government seizure of birth certificates of vulnerable infants and children, stop the sealing of these documents, and stop the automatic issuance of ‘new’, ‘amended’, falsified Certificates of Live Birth to adoptees. This nationwide practice is also a global practice. These are crimes committed against infants and children who grow up to be adults still bound by laws that restrict their personal and legal freedoms.  Even adoptees who are blissfully happy in their adoptive homes, and have no interest in searching, or no interest in a reunion with their natural families, even these adoptees have been personally and legally violated by the practice of falsifying government documents by a Court Judge and the Registrar of Vital Statistics who carries out the court order to issue a falsified Certificate of Live Birth. I am not a lawyer, but I must say, this seems to be lying under oath, which is fraud and perjury, is it not?  

I have put my legal name of Joan Mary Wheeler, and my non-legal (but once was legal) name at birth of Doris Michol Sippel, to many Letters to the Editor and paid commentary newspaper articles since I was age 19 in 1975. I have always stood up for the truth. In the days of the Internet and screenames and usernames, I have posted many comments under these nicknames. Either way, I am not afraid of the government looking in on my now paid-for website, clicking on the Pages to see when my book will be published.

I have published snippets of my two Certificates of Live Birth on this website, but they are printed in full in my book. I am not afraid of identity theft. Financially, I am in ruin now. I am taking steps to legally protect myself in starting a small business, but I am in no way afraid to go public with the personal and governmental crimes committed against me.

If this is only a States’ issue, then why is the Federal Government spying on me? The Pentagon? Really? Why?

From this Morning’s Email – NCFA

This post will be written on the fly. I’ve been in the hospital with my dying mother till 2:30 AM, came home, slept for a few hours, and just got a call to go back for her transport.

So many of my adoptee/mothers of adoption loss friends wrote about yesterday’s ABC article, thank you! I’ll get back with you all later today.

But this had to be posted. Now I know why I’ve been seeing mysterious IP addresses from Alexandria, Virginia, that’s because the National Council For Adoption had been reading my website!!! Welcome, NCFA! Maybe you guys can learn something by reading what adoption has done to me. While you are at it, stop by the Links Section to view some more adoptee/motehrs of adoption loss blogs. There are some great blogs by donor-conceived women and men, too. Oh,, yes, Adopted Jane, I will add your blog, too! I am so sorry to have left you out. I may have left others out of my lists,, too, as the frantic effort to keep blogs and websites up has been difficult. (My former blogs were shut down by people who want me to be quiet).

So, enjoy this lovely little nugget of wisdom from the NCFA. I joined thier email list about a year ago. Glad they continue to send me their enlightening emails, such as this:

Celebrate National Adoption Month Part 4Tuesday, November 24, 2009 10:15 AM


“National Council For Adoption” <>

Donate today to help keep adoption strong!
You can contact NCFA by mail, phone, fax, and e-mail:National Council For Adoption

225 N. Washington Street Alexandria, VA 22314

703-299-6633 (Phone)

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 Oh Darn! The photo of the little girl on a slide did not come through, must be copyrighted. So this is what was writen for that photo’s caption:

“To those who help build families through adoption, we say … “Thank You.” Because every child deserves a loving, permanent family.” “Donate today to help keep adoption strong!”

Where were the donations of emergency financial help to feep my family together when our mother died and our father was told by a Catholic priest, “The baby needs two parents,” and a kind Christian woman came up to my father at his dead wife’s funeral and said, “I know a husband and wife will who take your baby”?

Yes, donate today to keep the attorneys and adoption agencies filled with money that could otherwise be used to keep struggling families — which include a single motehr and her pregnancy — together.

Family values indeed.

Keep the Birth Certificate Discussion Going

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It is important to keep the dialogue going concerning adoptees’ birth certificates and our natural parents’ rights to the birth certificate of the daughter or son they lost to adoption. This post is a reminder to read and leave a comment on the Page titled “True Birth Certificates”.