Guest Post: AB 1325 Calif Assembly Judiciary Committee Taking Comments Til 1/22/10

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 9:17 PM

Hi Joan,

Could you please post the link below? 

The California Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is taking comments until January 22, 2010 on the discriminatory bill AB 1325 “Tribal Customary Adoption”. 

This bill will allow ONLY NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN in the state of California to be adopted WITHOUT THEIR PARENT’S RIGHTS BEING TERMINATED.

The California Assembly Judiciary Committee needs to be reminded that what’s good for one nationality of adoptees should be good for ALL ADOPTEES.  All children should be allowed to be adopted without their parents having to terminate their parental rights!  IT IS DISCRIMINATION TO ALLOW THIS FOR ONE ETHNICITY BUT NO ANY OTHERS!!!!!

Native American adoptees already get their original birth certificates when they turn 18 years old!!!!  This preferential treatment needs to stop NOW. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday is approaching and it reminds me and sickens me how far away his dream still is. 

Here’s the link if you want to comment:

(Just put W10-06 for legislation to be commented on.) 

—- Guest Poster

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My observations: This doesn’t sound like adoption at all, but rather, legal Guardianship, which is a viable alternative to adoption. As we know, total and complete adoption severs a child from her family of birth and from her legal identity at birth, which means sealing the birth certificate and issuing a new one. However, with this California proposal, Native children in need of a permanent home and family will not lose their birth family nor their birth certifcate. This should not be called “adoption”. It would seem to me that the correct term for this is “Guardianship”.  

Yes, I find this offensive. I am very much for Native American rights, but not at the expense of others. Non-Native adoptees are forced to live lies, forced to give up their rights to their family of birth and relationships with them, and forced to live a new identity for the sole purpose of providing a child for adoptive parents to love “as their own”.

Identity confusion, loss of civil and birth rights, severance of relationships with blood kin, are not benefits of being adopted. These, and other losses, are suffered by adoptees, and our children. Perhaps the entire country of The United States of America could take this California Bill seriously to recognize the very real identity issues that all adoptees, not only Native Americans, experience. All adoptees deserve the truth of our heritage and continued relationships with our people.

 —- legitimatebastard

One thought on “Guest Post: AB 1325 Calif Assembly Judiciary Committee Taking Comments Til 1/22/10

  1. From Guest Poster:

    I spent some time reading this bill. It seems that this is an experimental bill (sunsets 2014) and that this is uncharted territory in which there will be four legal parents.

    From me, legitimatebastard:

    Wow. I’ve been saying this since the moment I was told the truth by a sister my adoptive parents did not ever want me to know: “The only way I am going to get through this is to accept that every adoptee has two sets of real parents.” I said that to myself in 1974 when I was 18 and a Senior in high school.

    And the National Law I propose in my book by the same name as this blog states the very same idea: that it is ludicrous for our legal system and our social work system to demand that adotpees forgo one set of parents in favor of another set. Relationships are built out of love. Divorced and remarried parents have 2nd spouses who also love the ex’s children. We do not demand that children of divorce leave behind one set of parents. Legal Guradianship provides such an arrangement by providing a set of legal parent figures who do not replace the parents of birth.

    I want to see the entire Bill! Does this mean that there is actually AN ADOPTION CERTIFCATE, jsut as I propose in my book? Please don’t tell me that they’ve written that a “new” birth certificate should be part of this new Native child adoption Bill! NO!!!

    But you are right, Guest Poster. What is good and right and just for oone ethnic group ought to be the law of the entire country!!!

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