6 thoughts on “From a scientific standpoint adoption is morally wrong

    1. It is insanity. Which is why so many adoptees are either in treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, or are incarcerated for committing crimes, or commit suicide — because the cognitive dissonance to live this way destroys one from within. … Also plays with the minds of parents who lost a child to adoption. Adoptive parents may actually believe the insanity of the amended birth certificate — “See, it says I gave birth to you!”

      1. Discovering Mary

        I first became aware of this insanity / cognitive dissonance when I met my natural mother and was amazed at the innate, fluid connection I felt with her, and later with my biological brother. I’ve never felt this before, and I now realize what I’ve been missing my whole life. This is what non adopted people take for granted. How could anyone who is not adopted possibly appreciate and understand the feeling of biological connection like adoptees can?

      2. My reply won’t appear after yours, for some reason, settings are off…. Yes, we adoptees see and feel our connectedness in ways that the non-adopted are not aware of. I used to watch facial expressions, shapes of faces, sounds of voices of my blood kin, even seeing echoes of self in cousins far removed from myself, generations separating us. Genes are powerful. May you continue to enjoy your self discovery!

  1. Discovering Mary

    Yes!!!! This is exactly how I feel. I have been playing the role of the biological child my parents were unable to have. My adoptive family has been pretending to be a biological family, I am pretending to be the sister to my adoptive brother, and my natural mother has been pretending that she does not have a daughter. THIS is insanity.

    1. Adoption was not like this prior to 1930. Adoptees’ birth certificates were not sealed back then. Adoptive parents were given adoption papers and not a new birth certificate indicating that they gave birth. But mothers were treated horribly to feel shame so they were forced into giving up their babies and hid in shame. … Somehow, we need to come out of this as a society to say enough of this. When adoptees go to mental health therapy they are encouraged to acknowledge reality. Why do this when no one else does?

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