From Gregory Luce – We Rise Today

A video from Gregory Luce of Adoptee Rights Law about the New York State bad adoptee bill which really is a mother-may-I bill.

“Rise with us to demand a veto of A5036B and to assure equal rights for all adoptees.”


2 thoughts on “From Gregory Luce – We Rise Today

  1. I can’t believe that New York the progressive city is so far behind with this issue of human rights here in Victoria Australia We Adopted people have had Access to our Original Birth Certificates since 1984 and guess what the sky did not fall Stop making excuses NY come on catch up

    1. Hello adoptionwilliam, yes, New York City is progressive. We would like to think that New York is progressive. There is too much corruption, too much ignorance and too much laziness. You are so very right – Australia is light years ahead of New York State and the whole of America in terms of adoption reform. Congratulations in having access to your Original Birth Certificates! In 1992, by invitation, I was part of a lobby effort and sent in my testimony to keep the records open in New South Wales, Australia! Maybe YOU can write to our New York State Governor Cuomo to help influence change! Thank you for your comment!

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