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Well, maybe I should start a Guest Post Regular Feature!

The following came in via email. I normally don’t do Search Info because there is so much out there and my passions are Reunions and Civil Rights for adoptees and our natural parents, but this is important to post:

Thank you to Archie Hyde for this information.


Here is something that you might want to put out for the ones that do searches.

Archie Hyde,

the Georgia rep.

27 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: New obituary collections at GenealogyBuff

Please forward


Hi all, has recently placed
several considerable data collections online.

Here’s the list:

ALABAMA – Madison County Obituary Collection

ARKANSAS – Clark County Obituary Collection

ARKANSAS – Lafayette County Obituary Collection

FLORIDA – Manatee County Obituary Collection

GEORGIA – Cherokee County Obituary Collection

KANSAS – Johnson County Obituary Collection

MISSOURI – McDonald County Obituary Collection

NEBRASKA – Dawson County Obituary Collection

NEBRASKA – Nuckolls County Obituary Collection

NEW YORK – Chautauqua County Obituary Collection

NORTH CAROLINA – Lee County Obituary Collection

PENNSYLVANIA – Cumberland County Obituary Collection

PENNSYLVANIA – Lycoming County Obituary Collection

VIRGINIA – Smyth County Obituary Collection

Each of these data sets are searchable from the upper part of each
page.  The Manatee County, Florida collection is great because many
“snowbirds” from the northern and New England states are represented

Hope this helps,
Bill Cribbs
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One thought on “Search Info As Requested – Guest Post

  1. I just checked obits for my natural mother. Records indicate her Obit is on file, but there is a credit card charge for this membership to access these databases.

    But her obit is readily available in newspaper archives.

    Since all names listed in a newspaper death listings and obituaries are public record, all names are available to the public for viewing. Why did I state the obvious? Because there are people out there who gripe about adoptees searching for their natural blood kin. Doesn’t matter how much you gripe: if a name is on public record, it IS public record.

    This is one more item to note for those in oposition of adoptees who search. I’ve read that certain states want to pass legislation for a handfull of frantic natural mothers who “don’t want to be found” (more tricks by NCFA) to remove their names from their own child’s birth certificate. How rediculous is that? Facts are facts. To remove a name off of a document that registers a birth, is fraud. You gave birth, your name is on a birth certificate. Period. When you die, your name and other relatives’ names are on the death notice and obituary published in the newspaper.

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