What’s Up With Nancy Grace on Baby Gabriel?

It appears that the Comments Section of the Nancy Grace section on CNN have been frozen. The story for the last few days surrounds the disapearance of a baby, Gabriel Johnson. His mother, Elizabeth Johnson, is held in jail. She texted the father with a message that said she killed the 8 month old boy, but then she said she gave him to another couple in a park. The want-to-adoptive parents, Tammi and Jack Smith, act suspiciously on camera. Meanwhile, the father, Logan McQueary, seems to be deliberately off-camera. Why?

There were 12 Comments at 9 pm on January 12, 2010. I added my comment at 9:23 pm. It is now 1:42 am on January 13, 2010. Did my Comment strike a nerve to CNN and Nancy Grace’s moderators and investigators?

Judge for yourself:

Joan M Wheeler   January 12th, 2010 9:23 pm ET
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It would be wise for all to STOP addressing Tammi and Jack Smith as “the adoptive parents”! They WANT to adopt, that is all. Unless they have a Petition to Adopt, are currently under investigation of a Home Study, and, the final step, have been declared ADOPTIVE PARENTS by a Final Order of Adoption, they are only a married couple who are interested in adopting. To call them adoptive parents and to give them so much air time is an injustice to the real parents. Nancy Grace should be ashamed for giving them all the talk time. Logan McQueary is not the “biological father”, he is the FATHER of that baby! This country is far too adoptive-parent-centric. Stop it. And yes, I don’t like Tammi Smith’s on-camera behavior, either. She has far too much authority in the life of a baby who is not her property. Also, if the adoption went through, baby Gabriel Johnson would have a new, adoptive name. We would not be aaddressinghim udner his birth name. He would also have a new birth certificate proving that he was “born” to Tammi and Jack Smith. Since there is no Final Order of Adoption declaring the Smiths as the adoptive parents, andd no “new” birth certificate, they have no right pretending to be what they are not. I know, I am an adoptee promoting Adoption Reform for 36 years. Let’s hope that baby is found alive and lives out his life with his father, the only one who should be interviewed right now. He’s going through hell. Give him the support he needs.


Holding my Comment for over 4 hours to determine Moderation seems a long stretch of time.

Why don’t some of my readers go over there and make some comments?

One thought on “What’s Up With Nancy Grace on Baby Gabriel?

  1. adoption pro

    THANK YOU for your much-needed commentary– did Nancy ever approve your comment? The Smiths had allegedly manipulated circumstances to their own advantage in order to deprive Jack’s daughter’s partner Travis Warford of his parental rights in order to adopt Travis and Nikki’s baby girl (Hannah), but they were NEVER the “adoptive parents” of Baby Gabriel. (And yet, they were all too happy to be errantly identified in the press as such?)

    Tammi Smith was criminally-charged and awaits trial; in the meantime, however, she and Jack managed to acquire another baby girl born to Jack’s daughter Nikki last fall, so they are enjoying the opportunity to parent yet another child while Gabriel’s mother rots in jail awaiting trial (having told authorities she gave her child to a couple dispatched by the Smiths), and Gabriel’s father desperately awaits any answer as to whether or not his child is still alive.

    The Smiths appear to resemble that unique and terrible breed of “toxic adopters,” those who will go to any lengths to get what they want at any cost to anybody else. Need examples? How about the publicly-released Tempe police department documents about Tammi’s efforts to solicit the baby of a pregnant woman and her boyfriend in an Arizona Jack-In-The-Box prior to Gabriel’s disappearance? Or Tammi’s reported efforts to (unsuccessfully) perform “artificial insemination via turkey baster” on a young client who was falsely told the sperm used came from Tammi’s husband?

    Whatever happened to Baby Gabriel, wherever he is today, it seems painfully evident that none of this would have happened had his mother never crossed paths with the likes of Jack and Tammi Smith. Their continued lack of any publicly-expressed concern for his welfare only gives rise to further suspicion that they still know more than they’re telling.

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