Last plea to NYS legislators for Adoptees’ Civil Rights for the June 2017 Legislative Session

Tuesday June 13, 2017


Dear New York State Assemblymember and Senate member:

I am opposed to A5036A.

The “Adoptee Bill of Rights” with new numbers A5036B and S4845B must be killed outright.

No bill is “a clean bill” – even ones that declare access to sealed records is the answer. Access is not the answer. Full restoration to adoptees’ identity rights to certified copies of our accurate birth certificates is the only answer. Here is why:

Revoking, sealing and then falsifying adoptees’ birth certificates is integral to the adoption process by federal guidelines established in 1930. New York State began revoking, sealing and falsifying birth certificates of adoptees in 1935. This law should be repealed, along with all tentacles of law connected with it in vital statistics, public health, domestic relations, and adoption. These laws should be replaced by reality-based documentation of live birth as applied to all other American citizens who are not adopted. This would immediately restore to New York State adopted citizens full identity rights to our certified medical record of live birth, annulling falsified birth certificates, reestablishing adoptees full equality under the law to non-adopted citizens – a right we had prior to 1935.

One year ago today – June 13, 2016 – at the age of 60, I legally reclaimed my name that should have been mine since birth. New York State changed my name when I was 15 months old in compliance with a 1935 State law that revokes, seals, and replaces birth certificates of adopted people. Even though I legally reclaimed my name, I still do not have the legal right to unseal and obtain a certified copy of my accurate birth certificate.

(see my blog post on this topic)

Both of my natural parents and both of my adoptive parents are dead. They cannot answer to confidential intermediaries, nor would they want to. My parents of birth are my parents. Period. I’m sure that my 30 year old mother, dying of cancer, would not give two shits for your stupid questions, New York State.

Where are MY civil and human rights to the truth of my birth? According to New York State, my records are locked up tight because it is presumed I was born a bastard. The 1935 law was created to hide legitimacy. Somewhere along the line, orphans were absorbed into this law – my mother died when I was three months old and my father gave me up for adoption. Children adopted by step parents, children adopted by grandparents or aunts, uncles, or older siblings were also absorbed into the 1935 law. In all cases of adoption, the truthful record of live birth is overridden by a fictitious birth certificate.

A5036B and S4845B are bills set up to protect natural parents’ perceived rights to privacy and anonymity. But all relinquishing parents lost all parental rights when they signed relinquishment papers. Whether parental rights were terminated by a court, signed under duress, or voluntarily relinquished, the outcome is the same. Surrendering a child does not revoke, seal, nor replace a child’s birth certificate with a new one. The only legal process that results in a person’s total loss of identity of birth is court-ordered adoption. Relinquishment removes all parental rights but does not erase parents’ names from their child’s birth certificate. After relinquishment, adoption agencies and attorneys are under no obligation to tell parents whether or not their child was adopted, or lived in ten different foster homes, or died at age four. Many surrendered children live with other relatives, legal guardians, or in foster care until they age-out of the system. These children keep their birth certificates, even if they were removed from abusive parents whose rights were involuntarily terminated.

Assigning parental power where none exists invalidates the right of children to become autonomous adults at the age of majority. No parent has legal authority over an adult offspring, nor has the right to redact their name from their child’s birth certificate. Mothers-in-hiding claim they should be granted rights that they never had.

Criminals who are imprisoned for life never lose their civil right to their birth certificates. Felons who were executed had the right to die as themselves. Adopted people, however, are stripped of a civil right for life, and death, because of one reason only: adoption.

Adoptees’ birth certificates should never be revoked, sealed, nor replaced. Adopters (straight or gay) should not be given the upper hand to call the shots as to whose names appear on the birth certificate as mother and father, or mother and mother, or father and father. Adoptees are autonomous beings, not possessions. We should not lose our birth certificate, nor be assigned a new name and new parents, in exchange for a home, if we truly need one. Today’s adoptions “build families” rather than provide homes for children in need.

Adoptees’ medical record of live birth should stay (to use a legal term) as originally intended: to be the accurate record of the true facts of birth. The amended birth record forces adoptees to live lies.

Adoptees are ignored in the adoption transaction. State laws violate the constitutional rights of every single adopted person in the United States (and many countries in the developed world). What further proof is needed to see that revoking, sealing and then falsifying adoptees’ birth certificates is integral to the adoption process? The legal structure of adoption requires the obliteration of the adoptee’s identity and family when a new one is created. Would adopters adopt if they were required by law to respect a child for who she is and who her parents are, that they have no right to re-name a child or to replace parents’ names on a government falsified replacement birth certificate?

Moving forward, let 2017 be the last year of secrets and lies. From now on, reality-based documentation of live birth will provide all citizens their identity rights. Take away revoked, sealed, and falsified birth certificates from adoption and the resulting legal process is custodial guardianship. Guardianship preserves a person’s right to name of birth, the medically-factual live-birth certificate, and family of birth, even when parental rights are terminated.

“Adoptee Identity Rights Restoration” needs to be written into New York State law as well as United States constitutional law. Let America lead the way for adoptee freedom worldwide.

To see all of my birth certificates (yes, I own certified copies of my now-sealed medical record of live birth), follow this link to my article published on my website:

Presenting My Sealed Birth Certificate and Falsified One as Evidence of New York State Fraud – Revoking, Sealing and Falsifying Adoptees’ Birth Certificates is Unconstitutional


Doris Michol Sippel

Born January 7, 1956.

Adopted as Joan Mary Wheeler on January 14, 1957.

Legally reclaimed name of birth on June 13, 2017.