New York Adoptees Lost the Fight Just Minutes Before Midnight June 21, 2017

The bad bill passed the New York State Senate just minutes before Midnight, June 21 to June 22.

The next step, the Governor’s office.

In New York State, adoptees now are mourning. We must fight the bureaucracy. Tell the Governor not to sign this into law.

Beyond that, where is that civil rights attorney I’ve been looking for?

Give me back my real birth certificate.

Give all adoptees our real birth certificates and stop playing games.

Class Action Lawsuit – Where is that attorney?


4 thoughts on “New York Adoptees Lost the Fight Just Minutes Before Midnight June 21, 2017

  1. I agree that Greg Luce is valuable to our cause. My only wish is that he practice law in New York State! Perhaps he can steer me to an enlightened New York State Civil rights attorney… And Rudy, you are doing a fine job, too, on self discovery and activism!

  2. Well, you may wish to see what Greg Luce of Minneapolis and the Adoptee Rights Law Center is thinking. I also don’t know if he could bring action if not licensed to practice in NY. It sounds pretty bad, and I’m not into the bill language like those in NY are. Good luck.

    1. Thank you, Rudy. Believe me, I wish I didn’t have to dissect the bill language. I wish I could lead a normal life. Instead, I fight as hard as I can against discrimination against adoptees. I admire your work, and your insight. Meanwhile, I’m off to have a chat with Greg Luce….

      1. Greg Luce is a really excellent person to have as an ally in the larger issue of human rights for all adoptees. I am very impressed by his clarity and commitment. Thanks, and appreciate your work as well.

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