One thought on “I am supposed to be a secret since I’m adopted

  1. I am sorry if the word “bastards” offends you. It is not meant to hurt anyone, but rather, I’m taking back the term. The law was written to hide illegitimacy, but the law has hurt the very people it was meant to protect. Was it really to protect illegitimate children, or the unmarried mothers, or the adopters who did not want interference from the other mother?

    The law made me a “legitimate bastard” since I, a half orphan, am held by the same laws that took away the birth rights of those born illegitimately. As adoptees, no matter the circumstances of our conception and birth, all of us are harmed by the laws that stole our identities.

    As a half orphan, I cringe at the word “bastard” as well. The stereotype “bastard” is low life, to be cussed at, to be shunned. Orphans are to be pitied.

    It is assumed that all adoptees are illegitimate, but many are not. Adopted people have no power over our own lives, whether born illegitimately, or born legitimately then orphaned, or removed from our parents due to abuse or neglect, or abandoned, or adopted by our step parent.

    Yes, the word “bastard” in my usage is meant to shock non-adoptees into awareness.

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